It can be tough to get started on Zwift with all the hardware and software knowledge required to get riding on Zwift. Once you have your ANT+ or Bluetooth connection, here are the options you have in Zwift for your riding. Whether you choose to do a Zwift Workout, Zwift Race or a Zwift Groupride options are plenty! Let me know what you thought of this video in the comment section below, did you find it useful?

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  1. Great vid Chris Easy to understand clear instructions, covering all bases thank you for sharing .

  2. For beginners? What if they don't like it after lashing out all that money. Talk about too much information and knowledge presumed. This is not for a beginner. This is the worst video on YouTube for beginners. Being a Yorkshireman and by your accent, you may well be one yourself I'm sure you don't mind me making myself plain.

  3. You really should not encourage people to throw things away and get another because they are so cheap. We should be repairing things where possible no matter how cheap they are and not adding to the landfill.

  4. Great video Chris, thank you. You answered the question I have had for a while now,( how is my classification determined). Thank you and Ride On!

  5. Fantastic explanation. Many thanks. I´m using a non-smart back wheel-on trainer. My bike is equiped with Garmin hardwear for the sensors (speed and heart band) and a Stages power/cadence meter. Zwift only recognizes the Stages power meter, which is fine for the application, but I can´t arrive to connect the heart sensor. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

  6. Sorry, for this video is NOT for beginners, it is huge expensive!!! Could you provide the inexpensive option please (cheaper trainer, non-automatic options please)

  7. Can I just use the phone app and mirror it to my TV just using Blue Tooth or do i need to have the ANT + either way?

  8. Great content. I just picked up the new Saris H3 so this is extremely helpful. Thanks for putting out this content.

  9. Excellent video Chris, thanks for breaking down how to get started for new riders like myself!

  10. How do i ride a route i have saved as a gpx file?

  11. … worse vlog I’ve seen . Buy what you can realistically afford and no, you won’t blow through tyres like they’re going out of fashion. Ridiculous comments!

  12. Many thanks for this, as a new Zwifter was a little lost not knowing what I was really doing. Could you explain the ERG mode if you can switch it off/On during the ride.

  13. Tell zwift to allow an enhanced close up of the terrain so we can see the upcoming risers and hills, etc. it’d be great to see that so you can prepare for efforts in races and hard groupies. Also zoom out so I can see the whole map if I’m exploring. #wishlist

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