Zhiyun weebill Lab guide/instruction- gimbal firmware update with IPhone

Zhiyun weebill Lab firmare version V1.84 has been released! (2018-12-2)

Sorry that Update via iPhone is the only way at the moment; Android user may need to wait.

And newest Gimbal firmware and ZY play are the must for Wireless Image Transmission.

Andriod version and PC upgrade are still not released by Zhiyun, but will come out soon.

Zhiyun Weebill Purchase link:


  1. Hi Ian can you send me a firmware 1.89 file please. My Gimbal just crash and i just need to reset it if i get the firmware file

  2. its not working here – killed my weebill – only shows a X and does not do anything anymore!!!! Careful!!!

  3. Hi,

    Here we are with an Android smartphone, on January of 2019.
    We are stopped on "Uploading firmware…[1/2]" and then a red "Upgrade Failed" with a red button "Re-Upgrade" (which is looping on the same tasks and fails)

    Because we can neither not get video transmission on the PY Play appli on the Android smartphone (we have just the control of the Weebill), is there another way to upgrade this firmware?
    (hopping that this new firmware could at least resolve the video transmission problem between a GH5s on the Weebill and the PY Play appli!

    Best regards

  4. Hello, I have a weebill lab and a Sony A7III which is normally countable for the retransmission of the video on my smartphone but I only have access to the controls and the video is not displayed. Everything is up to date.I have already followed many tutorials and forums. How to do ?

  5. Many thanks for tutorial. I now have FW Ver 1.84 installed. So good. Cheers.

  6. why my weebill lab rotated slightly to right even I had well stabilize. I try to calibrate, but I cant make it pass step 3. Please help me on this.

  7. So… what the firmware update for? bugs fix? new features?
    I'm want to buy that guy.
    But the camera staff told me Zhiyun recall the gimbal and new batch will be available at early Jan 19

  8. Im trying to update my firmware on my gimbal on my iPhone 8 but I keep getting a "update firmware only when battery power level is higher than 30%" but everything is fully charged.

  9. Can't update at all, the app doesn't seem to find any new update. It just connect to the gimbal without recognizing any update, any idea why?

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