Zeblaze Blitz Android 5.1 with Pokemon Go complete review | Gearbest

Zeblaze blitz Smartwatch link:

In this video I’ll checkout the Zeblaze blitz full android smart watch and put each and every feature it has to offer to the test including catching some wild pokemon.

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  1. does it have WLAN so that is can use my cellphone as a mobile hotspot? I´m asking because i have a decent amount of GB´s in my contract ( 60 GB / month ) and it would be perfect if i could use them one the watch as well.

  2. How did you get pokemon go to start? mine says gps not found all the time and won't authenticate with google :O

  3. Only with GPS on (2g/3g/bt off) how many long the battery? Can I use in this Strava or LocusPro to record MTB sessions only with GPS on for 6 or 7 hours?

  4. very nice video! this watch is fab! can we add custom watch faces to it????

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