Yellow Triangle with Battery on Samsung Tablet FIX!

This video will show you how to fix the battery with a yellow triangle on the Samsung Tablet.

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  1. It didn't work at first, It was shaking but, I kept pressing it for a long while then finally it work, the phone is now 4%

  2. Mine started changing after pressing the power and volume button at the same time

  3. Yay! Cleared cache in TWRP, rebooted and now my ol' faithful tablet is charging again. I can't afford to buy a new just right now so this has saved me a lot of stress. Thank you!

  4. Mine was same problm but after battery calibration (1 day was fine , 2 day when charging 0-100% it stopped at 75% and showed that yellow triangle .. I just unplugged charger and again plugged it and it back to charging again

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