Xiaomi Poco F1 Rooting, TWRP, 4K EIS, Unlock Bootloader & Backup – 2019 – The Easy Way

✔️ Pocophone F1:

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Welcome to this Poco F1 Rooting Video Tutorial.

In the last months Xiaomi has changed a little the process for unlocking the bootloader. I have put together the steps as well as links to the needed files.
If you carefully follow the instructions, you will be able to root it quite quickly.
Most of…


  1. Hey,
    I have factory reseted my phone,and i lost 1000s of my photos,is there a way to recover them.
    pls help me on this

  2. When I am playing pubg my poco lagging badly, like frame drops , my phone is not rooted what can I do? 😭

  3. fastboot boot pocorecovery doesn't find my img file.. it's is in the installation folder of Minimal adb :S

  4. Tech4All Dude, seriously, u wasted 3 hours of my life, u provided a dodgy TWRP version that doesn't decrypt!!

    i got my phone unlocked, copied Magisk into my phone, got into TWRP , everything went fine, and then i couldn't find Magisk from TWRP (for installing) , because your TWRP couldn't see internal storage. your TWRP ask for password to decrypt mount?? did u test it exactly with all the exact files as mentioned, or did u do it yourself with one version and then gave us a different version??

    i went around trying so many different things thinking it was issues with my phone.

    Here is a working TWRP version with decryption:


    All other instructions remain the same, and no asking for passwords.

    I got this working TWRP link from here:


    And it comes with instructions too.

    and dude, honestly, u're doing a video, so, do consider showing EVERY details & screen shots & exact procedures, not just talking & talking and skipped showing all the important bits. It's a video!!
    (and by the way, is that your real voice?)

  5. Bro everytime magisk denied root permission, why?
    Only it granted root to first app, why it denied all other?? Pleas is there a solution?? If there is, please make a video about it.

  6. So everything stays the same when you unlock the bootloader, instal twrp and flash magisk? The system, settings, updates?

  7. seems like ure still answering questions. TWRP asks me password. (thats not "deafult_password" or password that i have on my phone)
    Any ideas? will be really thankful

  8. Ееехааа , да се натъкна на такъв Български канал wow! 😍 ще си купувам poco F1-цата , искам да отключа , 4К60FPS и EIS дори с 60fps ANX-камерата има ли бъгове в новия Андроид 9.0 ,,Пай" MiUi 11 ???
    Искам 4К 60 със Електроника ! 😎

  9. Sir, i followed everything with no problem, but when i try to find my zip file, sdcard folder has nothing in it, n when i check storage it says 0mb. plss help

  10. In rooting part after entering the cmd "fastboot boot pocorecovery.img" my phone starts TWRP app but it asks for a password to Decrypt Data , Can anyone PLEASE HELP?? what's the god damn password

  11. in Rooting Part after my Device started , TWRP app was running and it was asking for a password idk what password , i clicked the "back" button and mistakenly pressed "keep read data only" now when i click install button in TWRP there's nothing in my internal storage so i could choose Magisk.zip , can anyone help me??

  12. Wonderful video brother, It covered all the points that I needed to know.
    Keep it up and never stop !

  13. sir when i put my phone on fastboot and plug it with pc it cant be read at all i tried many time

  14. Unlocking the Bootloader does not void warranty this was a ruling in UK/EU so even if retailer or manufacture tries to claim it does this is not true.

    I have issue with TWRP I followed your steps but when it loads up the touchscreen doesn't work I even waited but then the screen turns of and still doesn't work.

  15. My love for this phone is beyond imagining, though I haven't got it yet.

  16. i have problem for password decrypting and 0mb storage
    android pie

  17. watching on my poco which need 20 more hours before it could be unlocked xD

  18. Well that was shit… didn't understand anything.. and trust me i have root all my phones s8, s8 plus s6 edge etc…

  19. i already flashed the magisk.zip but after checking the status of my device on root checker it says "root not properly installed" and then i opened fk kernel manager it says "your device must be rooted" but then again after opening ex kernel manager it works fine. i dont know which one should i trust and i dont know if my device rooted or not.

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