Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 fastboot guide to Android

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  1. ChSreview | Do you still have the Mi Pad 2 MIUI 7.2 fastboot rom available? It is no longer available at MEGA.NZ. I really want to change from Win 10 to MIUI but every site I've been to no longer stores the fastboot roms for it. 🙄

  2. hi freak, ive follow and install android driver but it doesnt work pleas give m,e a link which is updated… ty,, i appreciate it

  3. Hi, I really liked your post, it's what I'm looking for, I bought a xiaomi mi pad 2, I did not like it with windows, but following its tutorial, when I pull the loder.efi, ask me to download a program to open the file , Please help me, here in brazil have little about this manufacturer.

  4. Quanto tempo demorou o boot do android até chegar na tela de boas vindas? aqui ta demorando muito apos terminar o flash

  5. Vincent, thank you very much! Very thorough installation guide on YT as well as your website. My Mipad2 is now much faster. A shame Win10 didn't work on a small device that well.

  6. Can you help me when i do "fastboot oem unlock" and hit enter for answer YES it will not reboot how can i fix this??

  7. It shows the boot loader error code 03, like your video, How to clear it, I don't see this message?

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