Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Android PDF Test

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Android PDF test, using PDF files suggested from Mike Cane, I picked this tablet up for $185 here

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  1. Not sure but from my experience, Adobe Reader either on a PC or tablet. I don't mind using Adobe Reader on a PC but on android mobile device, I always recommend Google Drive PDF viewer. Its way faster. Please let me know if you can ever demonstrate the same PDFs on Google PDF Viewer software loaded on your Mi Pad ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. which tablet should i buy? i need it for work, using pdf's all the time and differents medias as videos and epub files(sorry for bad englishhh)

  3. It appears that the pdf documents were composed of scanned page images which can be slow to render even on high end PCs. I suspect that the the performance will be much better on regular pdf documents.

  4. You tried with the wong apps
    Adobe pdf and foxit are 2 of the slowest pdf reader
    Try FBreader or Radaee,bot of those make the irst two seem stuck in molasses

  5. Thanks. Actually, I expect the Windows version of the tablet to be even slower with GBooks PDFs. SmartQ Reader does GBooks PDFs the best under Android.

  6. How fast is an Ipad in comparison? Pretty sure most mobiles and tablets struggle with large pdf files! I know my HTC one m9 is similar

  7. Thank you for this test.

    You know in my experience the performance is very much up to the specific application…some apps open pdf documents fast and maintain relatively low memory footprint but then struggle in rendering; others take a while to load the document at first but then rendering is much faster.

    In Android the best PDF application I have found is PDF Max 4 and in Windows it is Xodo PDF Reader & Editor.

    Personally I don't place so much emphasis on super fast rendering…my question mostly concerns reading comfort:

    – Is it comfortable to read (and annotate) pdf documents in Portrait Mode in a 7.9" screen at such high resolution?
    Are the fonts too small? Is there enough real-estate?

    …if only the Cube i7 had a 4:3 screen ratio…I don't trust Onda anymore and the v919 CoreM didn't convince many people.

  8. can you do youtube,browsing(on different browser),rooting as well?

  9. What launcher are you using? On android itโ€s pretty important, the experience can improve a lot changing the launcher, try the Zen launcher, has the higher score on play store 4.8 For my work just great, before I had the Nova launcher and for my was pretty bad, depend on each device.

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