Xiaomi Mi 9: How to Unlock Bootloader, Root, and Install TWRP

There are lots of things people want to do to their phones. A lot just isn’t possible without root or TWRP. I will show you how to unlock your bootloader, install …


  1. Thanks a lot, this really covered up everything almost in this case. and I do bother to write a comment solely for very few vids that actually help 🙂

    one thing I couldn't manage to do was the adb push and It would no longer recognize the device while in TWRP. So just in case I had the magisk zip downloaded onto already

  2. usen la aplicacion tool_all_in_one_2.0.1.1, solo hagan el desbloqueo del bootloader como indican en el video, despues con la aplicacion pueden instalar TWRP de forma facil, y aun mas facil instalar ROOT.. Saludos!!

  3. instale el TWRP por fastboot, al querer ingresar a recovery, me muestra el " mi recovery" original no el TWRP, porque sucede esto? alguna ayuda??

  4. RESPECT! You saved my life today. I've got bootloader locked and stucked at FASTBOOT. Only your guide helped me. Thank you so much!

  5. Hey Team! Thanks for awesome videos and tutorials. I would like to know there is a way to unlock xiaomi phone bootloader using mac os in 2020!

  6. Root en Mi9 Miui 11.0.3? entra en bootloop al rotear con magisk 19.3 a 20.3, he tenido que desinstalar magisk para quitar el booloop

  7. After rooting, can I still install system updates? Even if manual … or I will not be able to update either as OTA or manual? And another, in the xiaomi interface I can update using TWRP? Or do I have to flash the original recovery and then update?

  8. "couldnt unlock please wait 168 hours to unlock" 1 whole week to unlock the bootloader? Is this a fucking joke? i dont have time next weekend… why has xiaomi fucked it up like that?!

  9. Please help me. Once I get to Miflash Unlock on the PC, it says 'Phone not detected'. Ive tried installing ADB drivers but still no luck. Has anyone experienced this problem? And if so, have you managed to fix it? Please help.

  10. i sucessfully flashed twrp, but when i typed fastboot reboot command it still rebooting in fastboot mode ?

  11. No i can't do it…No… I like my phone don't want the risk.. but I want a rooted device too…GOOOOOOOD

  12. Can I load shared libraries compiled for DSP to aDSP after Mi9 is unlocked and rooted? On locked phone I can not do it (permission denied) because my DSP .so libs should be signed by OEM.

  13. if you have problem phone brick , stuck recovery, need xiaomi auth authorized for flashing

    you can rent for flashing your phone

    tell me on (whatsapp) = +6285733111266

    not free, but low price, accept payment only paypal

  14. Thks for your video, the app miflash_unlock doesn't work, i have stopped in the step "Unlocking" 99% ->"Please add your account in MIUI's settings > Developer options > Mi Unlock Status". I do that, it seems to be nice but my phone is not unlocked !!! Thks for your help (my mi9tpro is under Android Q)

  15. gotta wait 6 days 17 hours to unlock mine. i have a question tho. is it possible to flash official firmware from xiaomi without unlocking? maybe downgrade from miui 11 rom to miui 10?

  16. Help?
    When I reboot my phone I keep pressing power button + volume up but it normally reboots without going in recovery mode.
    I tried with "fastboot boot recovery.img" but nothing happens.

  17. Thank you. Got my mi8 rooted. In turkey you should pay 250$ to register any phone bought abroad. If not your IMEI will be blocked. Also you didnt give any info about installing flashboot. So people who dont know about it will have problems doing flashboot.

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