Xgody Y26 is not your typical cheap ebay smartphone

Really impressed by what you get for £55/$80. Xgody Y26 is a decent option for what you pay.

Buy XGODY Y26 smartphones here

XGODY website here


  1. Do not buy Xgody phones! They sell defective phones and will make you pay for repairs, even during the warranty period.

  2. i had huawei with 16gb if rom but i could use only 5gb

    like how does huawei's system take up so much space

  3. You're doing yourself a disservice by deleting negative comments .Dead-giveaway is ratio of comments vs views. It screams shill video.

  4. you can check on amazon they sell only 1 gb ram why they dont make at least 4 gb ram or 6 gb ram much better

  5. xgody company not bad at all if they can add batter ram to play pokemon go smoothly i bet you people will buy this kind phone easy

  6. this kind phone look so sick bro but why only 1gb ram why not at least 1080p pixel and 4gb ram and 64gb rom i mean if they can make it better then redmi note 7

  7. I would recommend you get a cheap mic to use on your videos in the future. Because I can't barely hear you at all, you can get a cheap mic that works good from Amazon for around $15.

  8. I really like the fact that you are reviewing not only top models of top brands and all the phones that people are buying just buy a default because it Sony Samsung or iPhone but also the budget ones. There is so many other different devices that are far much more affordable but with their performance they are comparable to the top dogs of mobile industry. I was really impressed with your review of the phone Xaomi.

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