Wuhan: is this the Chicago of China?

Welcome to the political, cultural, educational, economic and transportation hub of central China – Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province. Discover the spirit of this riveting riverside city with Travelogue host Zhui. Come on, you know you Wuhan’t to!

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  1. Kya kha rahe hai kucch samajh nahi aa raha 🤯 Mutton Macchi kha lo Madarchodo Dal chawal nahi kha sakte toh.. zaruri hai Magarmach, Makode khana? 🤮

  2. 1:08 you rightly said that Wuhan is extraordinary and the pandemic which had made half a world population under lockdown is also extraordinary I had to sanitise my phone after seeing this

  3. A dirty country and equally disgusting people!!!! Comparing this crap with Chicago is like comparing a beggar’s cart with a Merc!

  4. So this is where the ChineseVirus was born. Interesting

  5. Lol Chicago has some of the most beautiful architecture in the world, and Wuhan is a sad grey gritty city infamous for being the birthplace of the pandemic that exposed the corruption and lies of the Chinese govt. So, no, not even similar

  6. Wuhan has been around for 3500 years. It will be around for another 3500 years more.

    Sending support from Australia! <3

  7. How can they eat every kind of animal?
    please change your eating habit, to save a life, to prevent another new virus

  8. Akaaltakht ty m nahi jana chiaa maut a jawey
    Mara dukh kisey nu nahi patta
    I am always happy person i am sad
    84lackh naal pugtna painda
    I am sad

  9. Come see the world famous wet market and don't forget just 300 yards away the lovely disease research center home of biological warfare. Love China

  10. I absolutely hate the CCP but I find chinese culture and history so great and truly asthonishing can't wait for the DPP of taiwan to reclaim the mainland😁

  11. It is an amzing city
    Sometimes it looks like big cities in Europe
    I would like to see it
    After visiting Shanghai and
    Beiging 3 years ago…..i would go back.to ChinA to.visit this breathtaking city.

  12. I feel bad for the people there. Their city will always be remembered for the coronavirus.

  13. I guess this city is famous for its virus, bat and pangolin foods.

  14. Yhep, the United States is a third world country. It's not going to change in your lifetime. Get use to it.

  15. How many people died from this video only god knows what about you madam are you alive God bless you people of China your government is very cruel

  16. I feel sad watching this beautiful Chinese metropolis and its beautiful and cultured people now being associated with the origin of the spread of COVID 19 the mishandling and misrepresentation of which is attributable to the Chinese Communist Party officials in Beijing who do not necessarily represent the Chinese people of Wuhan who have paid the biggest price in terms of lives and livelihood in this pandemic. My sympathies to the people of Wuhan.

  17. World always talk about… communizm… commonizm… and commuizm…. why they not watching this… and now… what communizm…? hope world wake up…

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