At TechCrunch’s event in Shenzhen last month, we had a chance to test out the WT2, a clever and ambitious device from startup TimeKettle. It’s a pair of wireless earpieces; each person in a multilingual conversation wears one, and they translate what’s said into the language spoken by each participant. Essentially it’s a Babel fish, though admittedly a rough draft of one.

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  1. You say it works well, but I never saw an example. I just came from another video showing the same device and it couldn't get the translation right. No matter how hard they tried the translation was wrong every time.

  2. This tech works well if you already have an understanding of the foreign language you are trying to communicate in, for example if you want to talk to someone who speaks Mandarin Chinese and you are speaking to them in Enlgish, you should speak to them only in present tense while adding time informative nouns/adjectives to specify past, present or future, because if you go all out in English or most western languages and use verbs in different tenses, the translation to Mandarin will be all kinds of messed up, lol!

  3. Can you use this on the phone or do we have to be in person to use this is this able to be use over the phone

  4. Outstanding! Although I am a polyglot, I will definitely be purchasing this for my travels. I love to travel a lot, and it is impossible to learn all of the languages of the world. Besides that, Thai is fun for me to try speaking, but the Asian languages are difficult for me as an American… so on my annual trip to Thailand, this tool will be very helpful indeed. I can not wait to buy one. Thank You for posting this!

  5. Hi I am still waiting for mine I preordered in November 2017

  6. That's really awesome, but you gotta have strangers sticking this thing in all of their ears? That's super dirty- who knows how clean or dirty someone's ears are. Then a little later you'll hand it to some other stranger. Really cool, but pretty gross!

  7. Im still not putting an ear bud on different strangers every time i hit a language barrier anywhere.

  8. Does this work on two different continents? Can you have a conversation with someone in a different part of the world?

  9. The earphone needs to do the translation without a phone acting as a middleman. This can be done. it will be done. THE idea is old as hell

  10. Duvido o aparelho entender corretamente os sotaques e a diferença da velocidade da fala. Mas é um recurso bem interessante.

  11. so if I want to talk to a local person she has to be willing to use this thing and what about the germs in the ear guys!

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