Word 2016 – Expand & Collapse Text – How To Minimize and Maximize Sections, Body, & Headings in MS

This tutorial shows you how to expand and collapse body text in a document to hide body text that might be taking up to much space on your page. It is a nice way to quickly view and organize long documents. It is best to view the navigation pane while doing this, as you can quickly see where you’re moving sections and what your headings and subheadings are. This tutorial is intended for beginners who want to learn more about MS Word 2016 and Microsoft Office 365 in general. Thank you for…


  1. I loved how your narrative adhered to a strict discipline of the subject matter, at hand. Too often, we can get bogged down with detail; which distracts from the 'flow' of finding a solution to our problem(s). Therefore, I wanted to share with you, that my experience was a direct delivery of the solution I was trying to solve. So, kudos and thanks for your clear communication.

  2. but while openong the document by default the segments are expanded.How to keep the segments closed while openning the document ?

  3. Can you do the same with images in word? I need to keep a set number of pages and one way I was trying to do this was to have expandable images. Keep them small but then when someone clicks on them they can get bigger.


  5. Hi, I was trying to expand the entire text to take over the whole page, it was so small just on the middle of the page, how do I do it on mobile or an iPad?

  6. I was trying to find out how to remove those "carrots"
    not so much how to click a button.

  7. I want to completely collapse my document, save it that way, and have it opened completely collapse so other people can open up by working their way thru the hierarchy I've set up in headings by clicking on the arrow to the right of the heading,, then the next layer down, then click on an arrow with what opens up under that, and so on.So far, I can collapse everything, then save it, but when the document opens up the user is inundated with all kinds of detail because all the headings are completely exploded out. So I'm wondering how can I open it up with everhting collapsed to the to just the headings1 level. How can I do that?

  8. hello there, do you know how to cut the space in between my heading 1 (e.g. "Experience) and my heading 2 (e.g. "Technical writer, Xbox Online Support")? When I expand the heading 1, the rest of my headings and text skip the current page and appear on the next page, leaving half page blank. Ive been trying and I just cant figure out. Thank you in advance!

  9. Hi, when I put my cursor over the header, I don't see that little triangle. The only way I can collapse/expand a section is through the Navigation Pane. How can I add the "carrot"/triangle so that I can expand/collapse directly in the document?

  10. Very helpful Thank you…… but maybe next time slow it down a little??? I was trying to look for things as you were talking in the beginning of the video and had to stop and rewind a bit to catch it. But I appreciate the help……

  11. Keep finding videos like this … but pray tell me how in tarnation do I get those little gray triangles there in the first place. I selected all headings then applied HEADING 1 style … then looked for the little gray triangles??? NOTHING!!! Then selected ALL the text in the doc and applied HEADING 1 style and then looked for the little gray triangles??? NOTHING!!!


  12. Hey Professor Adam
    I would like to remove those Carrots Arrows whatever they are called? Also, will they affect the Applicant Tracking System?
    Personal I say yes but do not know…I am thinking if words are not shown ATS will not detect keywords on a resume.

    Thank You for doing the Tutorial

    Have a Great Year

    John B

  13. Hi and thank you so much for the useful tutorial ! DO you know if its possible to apply the same thing in PPT ? I can't seem to find if thats the case

  14. Can you help with how to expand text or show more info when clicking on "Show" and then collapse info when clicking on "Show Less"?

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