WiFi Tether Router! Best tethering app for rooted android phones!

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In this video I show you an app that allows you to tether using your rooted android phone called WiFi Tether Router. I also show you how to install it for free and how to bypass if your carrier has blocked it. There is another popular app for tethering called android-wifi-tether but this is extremely difficult to setup and dosen’t work most of the time….


  1. I have a samsung galaxy S6 edge on cricket wireless. All settings are set to spec and rooted. App turns on but os not recognized by any device?

  2. Does anyone know of a tethering app that lets you play WoW? ive been at this for hours and its killing me.

    pda and easytether wont let me connect to a realm is there any way to make this work?

  3. I have used 2 different providers and after using VPNTOAST I am not even thinking about changing my service provider now.

  4. The dedicated servers for P2P give great speeds for downloading and the service keeps my identity anonymous all the time with VPNTOAST.

  5. Really? You love this app & can't support the developer for $2? Cheapskate!

  6. I wish my very own android tablet is the wifi not using cellular data cuz I don't have money

  7. I've got it to work I had to check lte patch and hostap patch along with no firmware reload to actually get it to work only problem I have is its extremely slow

  8. @WV591
    oh wow that sucks, you can probably download an older versions apk from somewhere though.

  9. this was the best but the latest update has fucked up so bad it doesn't work any more.

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