Why Rooted Android Smartphones are Actually More Secure!

Today I am going to talk about why rooted Android smartphones are actually more secure, there is a misconception going around where people think a rooted phone is less secure.  Well, as a person who has rooted almost every phone he has owned, and I have personally bought about a hundred Android smartphones since 2011, I have NEVER been hacked with a rooted smartphone.

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  1. I’ve been watching your videos and learning a lot about it so someday i can finally have a rooted phone

  2. I hope RR at some point continues development. The whole bad rep rumors are only spread by lack of knowledge mostly and companies who want to keep control of your device so that they can spam you & track what you do… I wouldn't have a device without root and an aosp rom, ad away installed and a minimal gapps package. Way I see it is why have a phone if it's not exactly customized to my liking. Then there's the whole carrier bloatware. I don't use oem roms unless there's nothing available but I recently debloated G7 Power Metro 1955-5 absolutely insane how many things were added and where they were located, by Metro and Moto. Tk GOD for AOSP and the custom roms and kernels and the ability to unlock bootloader's, install recovery and whatever else we want. I wouldn't know what to do with out root. Goes atw back to Linus T and how he contributed in a major way to our beloved Android by making his Linux kernels open source. What a great human he is! Love your videos Max! 😁

  3. I'm still using my galaxy s3 from 2012 running android 9 via resurrection remix, it's fine as long as you don't do heavy task 😄 rooting is totally awesome but for those who don't know about this stuff i suggest to do proper research on your own specific phone before rooting and exploring custom roms.

  4. Just learning all of this and have been watching tons of videos and oh my goodness
    Thank You for just the way you explain everything!!!!

  5. Give me one of the smartphones
    . Never got a smartphone. Couldn't afford. I love your videos though and wish to actually try the stuffs you be talking about. One day. Keep up the good work.

  6. I agree. Malwarebytes is an app that claims my phone is less secure with root but i don't believe it at all. I think it says that because so many noobs make mistakes and "brick" their phones and yes if you leave your rooted android unattended then a hacker could pick it up and install something more malicious if the phone has root access but as long as you know what you are doing, protect your phone from random people touching it, and have cyber security tools installed on it, then you have nothing to worry about. Unless of course a super genius pro hacker hates you and wants to ruin your life then i guess root is not safe, but neither is any technology that can be hacked by a pro. Which would mean, even printers can be hacked and ruin your life depending on what kind of personal details you print on it, like social security numbers and the such.

  7. Damn someone show this video to the banking people because they wont even let me use banking apps on my rooted phone.

  8. I think I will root after there is no system updates anymore

  9. Rooting your phone for full user control also means you are taking away all safety checks which are there to ensure user, or someone spoofing to be the user, doesn't get to access critical system functionality. Also, you cherry-picked possible exploits that could occur, only focusing on OEM-based hacking. For example, a malicious file downloaded externally which would have to work to bypass system protections would have its work made a lot easier if it just had to seek permission of gaining root access. Basically you are tearing down multiple layers of thick concrete walls, and changing the flimsy gate to another flimsy gate with a different design. Much easier to tear down the flimsy gate without blasting through the walls.

  10. Are you safe to use an Android at the latest is it got even if newer versions are out there? For example a Galaxy s6 that is stuck on nougat.

  11. "which means if there's a security flaw, someone will find it because it's open source, and it'll be exposed immediately, and patches will be updated immediately"

    This is false though. Sure it'll likely be faster than OEM (especially compared to companies like Samsung) but generally slower than google or apple address security vulnerabilities. You're relying on hobbyist to update the kernels in a timely manner, which may work, but are likely slower than any company that cares about updating their proprietary software (Apple and Google)

  12. Rooting your phone only means you're giving your phone system more privileges. Rooting your phone IS by definition, a hack, since you're modifying your phone to do things other than it was intended by manufacturer. Rooting your phone does not necessary mean security risk, but most people are paranoid about rooting their phones because most owners don't have a clue about how their systems work. As long as you know what you're doing, you shouldn't face problems, otherwise you'd poke your phone system with security holes like a Swiss cheese.

  13. You're indeed, a smart guy. I came to know by watching your video that how deep your thoughts are. Learned a lot and cleared my myths because of you. Thank you so much sir. U r worthy of 1000s of respect.

  14. Bro, AOSP is also an android and also has same flaws as android base code. No matter which rom(oem rom or custom rom) you use, you are still vulnerable since it is based on android. And manufacturers can't update your device unknowingly if you turn off automatic system updates. You looks like a noob to me.

  15. Dear respected Sir,
    You only explain about android security patches which can be compromised. But what about those 'games hacking apps' or other app like 'lucky patcher' uses root? They can install trojan, malware, Keygen or adware etc. Can you make a video tutorial how to stay safe from those crazy application. I always have a respect to the HACKER. 💞Please reply. Thank you.

  16. rooted note 2 and then carrier locked bootloader after ota update. got note 7 did not turn on with sim till after i rooted, company then recalled them, still used mine and worked fine, apps on app store then no longer carried support for my model. now im note 8 and too disheartened to try again, these companies are mentally oppressing my right to live a tech custom enthusiast life even when i own the handset and studied up on it and it angers me. facebook is not an obligation if i dont believe it to be, stop pushing your group think agendas on me phone industry. ill uninstall what i want damnit, this life doesnt act like it owes me favors so why is my phone feel like its later setup for someone not me? I dont care for this leech secret identity the software is making itself accessible to, they always handle social situations annoyingly and i wish i just traveled with a bug out kit instead.

  17. Yeah, however I kinda bootlooped my galaxy j3. So now I'm not sure about rooting my mi mix.

  18. I still got my Samsung Galaxy Tab pro 8.4 on Android 7.1.2 with Resurrection Remix rooted with Magisk Manager

  19. This makes so much sense talking about hackers , but what about the viruses and malware things , any idea on that , it really can help

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