Why Do iPhone Users Hate Android?

Why do iPhone users hate Android? How do I feel about iOS 8 being more open? Will the Note 4 be the best smartphone in 2014? I answer these questions and more in this week’s episode.



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  1. Because they wish they had Android it is cheaper and better nothing more to say!!

  2. I hate Android because it doesn't have games so cool in ios, like bitlife… In Android it sucks so f**king much, in iPhone it is so freaking lit!

  3. The only reason I would never consider switching to android regardless of its features is because android system is not really serious about its privacy & security

  4. If Steve Jobs wouldn't have died the company would of been so much better because he actually was so respectful to android users

  5. I hate iPhones because I had a iphone 5 when it came out dropped it one and it shaterd 1 week later the battery fucked up so when I took it off the charger it instantly died on top of the things I couldn't do opposed to having an samsung

  6. Beacuse everyone who uses android don't fall for memes and drill into their phone

  7. Android haters have 2 problems.
    1) They dont know that iOS/ iPhones aren't perfect like all phones.
    2) They judge something someone bought probably with their own money.

  8. Im gonna get a IPhone and then state my opinion cause I have an Android Tablet right now.

  9. Is it just me or does every apple user that hates on Android are either black or Latino or because they're uncultured to other things in life?

  10. I hate how my own friends, the ones I trust the most, even make fun of me for being an android user

  11. Android is so nice to apple

    And apple is the opiside

  12. Sometimes we android users have to waith longer for game updates and that's really annoying it feels like they don't care about us but personally iPhone seems like a bad guy here end it ;>

  13. Apple and Android are like gucci and walmart clothes its the same shit but gucci is 1000$ extra an people can brag about how much more money they can waste then you 💁

  14. iPhones are far behind in their tech. There are evidence about Apple slowing down their old phone models so people will spend more buying the new models that came out that year.

  15. I have an Android and and I think iPhone is fine, my parents just happened to give me an Android 😛

  16. People just hating because they never had a good Galaxy phone.

  17. I like IOS more because its more organized and im also an organized man.

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