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We take a look at the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and see how it compares to the competition.

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  1. Also, MIUI is considered the best UI in China — much better than those original Android and Samsung experience, and a lot of people like it more than ios. But again, it is "localized" for China. For example, it has Commute NFC cards built-in for almost all cities in China… and the built-in app store, in place of play store in China, works extremely well.

  2. TBH Chinese smartphone industry is so competitive that I believe that if Chinese ppl travel here they r gonna be bored by just Apple and Samsung and possibly feel like the UI experience and possibly a lot of other aspects of Chinese phones r actually better…

  3. So, so u like Chinese phone? which phone do u like best? I'd like to Learn some truth

  4. All complained about Xiaomi is now better 🙂
    No bloatware anymore, only Google apps and nothing else!
    Mi 10 won this year

  5. Well thank you for communicating to all your rich and famous fast talking degree carying friends.
    Now talk to us poor dumb ass people.
    The above phone compared to a samsung galaxy s5?

  6. OnePlus – Chinese
    Huawei – Chinese
    Xiaomi – Chinese
    Oppo – Chinese
    Vivo – Chinese
    Alcatel – Chinese
    Asus – Chinese

    Lenovo/Motorola – Chinese


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