Why Android notifications are better than the iPhone’s

Everybody hates notifications, but why? In this episode of Processor, Dieter Bohn examines what Apple and Google are doing to manage them on iPhone and Android — and why Android’s notifications are more humane. Subscribe:

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  1. the fact i can reply to a message FROM THE NOTIFICATION BAR WITHOUT OPENING THE APP is while Android's notification is better

  2. being MacBook user, I'd love to pair it with an iPhone. but notifications among a few other things are just so bad on their isle. My pixel 2 does everything too well to switch.

  3. I've been using android for years and I didn't even realise that notifications are stacked by priority… I just expect it to be

  4. I don't know how it was back in time with iPhone but I am a new iPhone user(iPhone 11) and I have all the options to customize all the notifications and keep only what's important to me so this video makes no sense to me. Actually, ios notifications are offering way better previews of each and every message than Android. For instance, on Android, you get awful watsaap notifications which are altogether not separated like in ios. I have been using Android all my life till now but I do not regret switching to Apple. Samsung and Xiaomi are the best Android devices so far, my opinion 🙂

  5. I love iPhone, because I wanna see the notification on lockscreen all them plus 100 notifications and individual apps.

  6. I have both iOS and stock Android but I must say iOS notifications and notification settings are waaaayyy much better implemented.

  7. Notifications should be( on)( but) should be on one place you chose to go too. Not show up on your screen. Just put it with a widget or app logo. Fk

  8. Hello! Is there a way to allow the text messenger sound notifications to go through "do not disturb" mode along with favorite contacts calls? For example, you do not want all the calls to disturb you, but you want to be notified when your favorite contact is calling and when he sends you a message. I know how to manage the calls, but not the message sound notification. I can't find the message option in the "do not disturb" settings. Thank you for your videos!

  9. Important life lesson folks. Always take your shoes off when putting feet on the couch.

  10. Actually iPhone notifications are better, as you can dismiss them and still see that there's a notification badge on the app icon

  11. Then there's flip to mute, airplane mode and delete all. Oh let's not forget app permissions where you can deny /turn off notifications.

  12. I was wanting to know if Android screen lights up when you receive a message. With iOS I can read the message right away, even when the phone is just on my desk and I’m busy with something else, because the screen lights up and shows you the message. But, guess this is the wrong video.

  13. I have an Android and an I phone in my life. Android notifications are way better I think. Thanks for another great video Dieter.

  14. That machine learning thing you said is on android now, if it notices you slide away a message often it will ask if you want to keep receiving it.

  15. Does this sound like a first world problem? I know software can be continuously improved. But notifications don't seem like such an important part of my life, at least not as important as he makes them seem.

  16. Hi I need some help… I love how on iphone you can turn off notification previews and just have a notifications dot. I.e. I don't like messages popping up on my screen and interrupting me but would like to know they are there so I check them at a good time. How can I do this on Android?

  17. my older galaxy s6 edge is handles notifications better just like how he described. although with a couple of fewer options than the newer android ones. (just because its stuck on 7.0 thanks samsung)

  18. The really cool thing about Android now is that if the OS notices you are deleting a certain type of notification more often, it will ask you if you want to block that style of notification.

  19. for me notifications are annoying period. no matter what you're using.

  20. Apples notifications are a huge mess. They need to completely revamp the whole notification.

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