WhatsApp vs Telegram vs Signal: Which is the BEST?!

WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal; three of the most popular secure and private messaging platforms for your digital devices, allowing you to communicate with your friends and family in secret. How do they stack up against each other, and what makes one better than the other for your needs? Will they give you an anonymous experience?

ATTENTION: I made a mistake with the default encryption claims in this video. Telegram DOES offer encryption, just not end-to-end encryption by default. Still an…


  1. This is not related to my last video 😅 Also where's the Kurt love??

  2. Plot twist: everyone I know uses Facebook Messenger/WhatsApp. Thus I am the only guy using Telegram with no one to chat with 🙄🙄🙄 . Therefore I cannot but use Messenger/WhatsApp 😰😥😥

  3. Telegram Founder was Swattet and had to flee from Russia for not implementing a Backdoor.
    So yeah… I have concernc too…

  4. I’m really tired using Messenger! I can’t leave Messenger because the app is really famous in my country. ☹️

    I want to jump fully from WhatsApp or Telegram though.

  5. I have a rule ..
    There's not anything called b"safe" in the internet!!
    If you have something private.. put it on a flash drive into the drawer ..
    For the average user ..(those who don't have any secret plans to destroy the earth telegram is just fine!!.. its the best!
    I don't believe that signal is "totally" safe.. "totally" in the internet is just a joke..
    Why signal registering users with phone number!! I don't know…
    I prefer Telegram.. i dont have something to hide.. just study and some conversations and sex.

  6. Signal is a highly recommend encrypted messaging app for privacy-centric people. It runs on world's best encryption protocol i.e. Signal Protocol.

  7. Telegram has spread evil to the world. 'Child sex offenders' as cruel as the Corona virus. They are Telegram Messenger LLP. Telegram protects. About those who tortured 16 young girls. Telegram is a colleague. With child rapists. They profit from those who torture children. Enjoy telegram videos. Torture a child? It is legal in Telegram. Rape a child. Telegrams guarantee crime. Telegram Messenger LLP. What is different from the corona virus?

  8. Plz help me I am facing a prbm with telegram app even save to gallery option is off then also media's are showing on my gallery what to do now🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. There's really only one real answer.
    Edward Snowden used Signal to set up an interview when going public about the NSA spying program on the American citizens. He used Signal because its the most secure platform to use, period. Now if you're someone who doesn't really care for security and you aren't a whistleblower and you just want cool features and a cool messenger, then you should use WhatsApp or Telegram based on what features you want. That's really all there is to it.

  10. As of early 2020 Telegram offers 893959929 more features than WhatsApp. Which still didnt even release a dark mode yet

  11. I am not satisfied with any of these messengers, I am not 100% sure of their security. But I am confident in Utopia, for me it is the most secure and multifunctional messenger at the moment

  12. i m From India Using Signal App Last 1.3 years it's Good and Having Great Features of Privacy

  13. which app are you talking about ? whose they ?? you should mention properly

  14. So many dumb people keep on saying Telegram is the best just because they use it. Lmao telegram still use your phone number as a primary key and they're not open source. Signal is the best one. They're recommended by Edward Snowden so you know its good.

  15. When he said whatsapp in the beginning, i thought he was doing his intro ngl lmao

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