WhatsApp iPhone Tips Tricks & Hacks | You MUST Try!!

Hey Guys, here is a link to the 4 Free Whatsapp iPhone Wallpapers 😃

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  1. Did she say, the shortcut had quite a lot of steps involved? Well maybe it does, but! I made an entire Terminal, Operating System, YouTube Video Downloader, Something That Can Give Anyone An Epileptic Fit (I hope that doesn’t offend anyone with epilepsy, I’m not THAT insensitive), A Text Encryptor And Decryptor, Something That Turns Your Phone Into Fried Chicken and many more! They all took like hours to make.

  2. Please do a video on "how to not lose picture/video quality when posting a W/app status"😩😭

  3. The face ID feature going to be annoying specially if you are wearing a mask nowadays. 😷

  4. Thank you for this video! I want to know how to completely be invisible beyond 'Last Seen.' Coronavirus has brought out bored men looking for attention on Whatsapp lol. I don't want to be completely rude and block, but also don't want to be pestered as to why I haven't responded yet to "hello babe" / "what you up to" type messages when I'm asking mum if she managed to buy some toilet paper, because they can see I'm online 😀

  5. Вам справді потрібно поговорити з Шоном +1(908)718-1578, він виявився найкращим хакером навколо !!! Він дуже ефективний і надійний ….. Він руками найкращий, що я найняв!

  6. (Thanks smith, truhhacker solved the problem) It is amasing how useful youtube has been to to me. i never thought it would have been posible to recover deleted messages from my cheating wife's iphon. We have been on this issue for six months until i was adviced to contact truthhackerx. i called him on whatsapp as i was told and explained what i wanted, in just 84 minutes to be precise because i told him it was urgent, he sent me all the deleted mesages and also gave me a code to enter into my wife's iphone incase she denies, i entered the code and all the messages also appeared. this is awsome, contact him on whatsapp +1-845-288-4171 (or) truthhackerx {@} g m a i l . c o m

  7. Hey love your channel ! Can I ask you something please, is there a way to recover deleted whatsapp chats without backup?

  8. Really appreciate able work mam. I also iPhone user. Can you tell me how i can use two whatsap account in iPhone?

  9. The sad thing is most of my android friends can do almost anything else when on video call with pic in pic stuff, while My call ends just because i play a recording :((

  10. Good one. Is it possible to create a whatsapp group for tech enthusiast so that we keep talking about latest tech ?

  11. You are amazing, I love to learn something like that, and I have learned something from you, thank you,

  12. Something that we've been using it on Android devices.. to bd frank with you i don't understand why you are doing this video whiles all what you are saying are in Android phones 😂🤣🤣 Apple fans acts like their phones can even fly😂🤣🤣🤣

  13. Wow love the video, unfortunately I learned nothing new

    Also side note I'm an android user
    I really want the blur tool In android!

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