What's on my Tech: 2019!

What’s on my Pixel. And my iPhone. And my iPad Pro. And my iMac Pro.

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  1. The reason apple don't allow splitting of key in ipad pro is apple know that people who can buy a ipad pro can also buy macbook or the keyboard which comes with it,and pro don't type that much the use the pen and touch more,I think

  2. MKBHD, What is your net worth if u don't mind telling us.. Because you're my favorite and I just wish to know due to expensive tech things you own. I would also like to know which car do u drive?

  3. For the split keyboard, try press and holding the icon that is on the bottom right corner, then selecting “split”, I’m not sure if that works with the iPad Pro though.

  4. You should get gboard on the iPad. Hold the iPad with one hand and used the other to swipe to type.

  5. When will you be doing a 2020 what's on my phones video because I really enjoyed this one and I swear I watched this like 50 times.. 😅😂

  6. Waiting for the 2020 setup :^) (Lemme check before it's actually there and I just didn't see it)

  7. Marques now in February we have iPad OS on pro so we can pinch the keyboard. Or alternatively you could get the smart keyboard, I have it, I really love it!

  8. Why try so hard to do things on an Ipad? Why not just make life easier and use a proper laptop?

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