What's New in Android Studio UI Design and Debugging Tools (Google I/O'19)

In 2019, the Android team is refining the developer journey with a set of new tools for building modern interfaces. From building a layout to debugging views at runtime, this session will take you through a variety of steps that can help increase your productivity.

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  1. Is it only me who thinks that they finally got some idea Xcode and did great job for android developers. Anyway AS build gridle still sucks.

  2. aNd thEn We heArd fRom yoUu that this obvious thing is actually good, so…

  3. Love the new Layout inspector! Great talk by Ashley about the improvements in the framework exposing styles and attributes; this will greatly help understanding how styles, themes, and attributes work and where they come from; something that's always a mystery for most not-so-junior developers (myself included).

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