What's new in Android Studio 3.6

Android Studio 3.6 release introduces a split code/design editor view, ViewBinding, Apply Changes improvements, NDK updates, an upgrade to the emulator location component, enhancements to the Android Studio UI, and much more.

Due to popular demand, the leak detection feature is now back in the memory profiler!

Maven Publish Gradle plugin β†’
ViewBinding β†’
Apply Changes β†’
Apply Changes limitation β†’…


  1. please, android developers, come with something useful and simple rather than this too many elements that confused us and also that eaten our memories.. let it be simple lightweight.. remove XML let it be design and function code only and also let each component has its own properties so when we double click so that we only declare events.

  2. I migrated to 3.6 and Import gradle build is taking too long almost 1 hr, anybody experience it?

  3. I used to love Android Studio, but let's face the reality.. it is really unresponsive, Slow, laggy, etc, That drives me crazy,.. I just moved to Flutter with VS Code and iOS Simulator.. I develop my apps 95% and only at that point I use Android Studio to test some specific Android stuff (resources, API target, splash screen, etc).

  4. Thank you for this video. I installed this version but there is no support repository in SDK Tools! Besides, there is no Android Drawable Importer plugin? I hope your answer. Thanks

  5. Android Studio is so bloated and convoluted I don't see how anyone can use it anymore. Time to start being a professional company and making this product usable. Seriously!

  6. How do I find the SHA 1 key in this new version? Running the signingReport from the Gradle Bar doesn't produce anything in the run pannel.

  7. I am facing an issue while updating from 3.4 to 3.6.1, can someonehelp me, issue is " some conflicts were found in the installation area

  8. Thank you for this great video. I installed this version but there is no support repository in SDK Tools! Is it built-in in this version? Besides, there is no Android Drawable Importer plugin? I hope your answer. Thanks

  9. Android Studio 3.6.1 Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6
    I can not develop onto device. Tried troubleshooting, device is recognized (Running android 9) but I don't see it as a target device to run/debug the app.

  10. please am having trouble connecting 3.6.1 to my online sql database. please make a tutorial for easy direction please

  11. How to save default editor layout to split mode? Do I have to switch it in every file that I open because of your new "feature"?

  12. The split-code design is the most backward and annoying change here.
    Now, rather than simply split off the design view into a floating window onto another monitor, you have to split the tab and pull that out of the main window onto another monitor.
    At first glance this seems mildly annoying at best, but the kicker is that:
    1 – Android studio doesn't remember this preference, so you need to do this EVERY time you open a layout file
    2 – In using this method there is no reciprocity between the design and the code, meaning that clicking a design element and viewing its code does not bring the code window to the right place, rather it shows the code in the "design" window since it is just a split tab.
    2b – Similarly, selecting code elements in the code view will not highlight the corresponding design elements

  13. Best thing ever upgraded to 3.6.1 and manifest file is gone. Studio doesnt see it. On top of that build gradle fails. Best updates ever. Really regreat I started coding android.

  14. Pls… upgrade… ads integration its very pathetic , meta data , greadle , java coding ,xml… its too much….. startapp integration is very easy….. web app process is also pathetic volley , retrofit , is very old… need to new one library for fetching data

  15. Why I can't set value in inspecting variable while debugging flutter app? Is it a bug or unsupported feature yet?

  16. BRING BACK OLD LOGCAT FUNCTIONALITY! why do you remove nicely working feature and replace it with useless logging dump?

  17. I don't know why android studio is getting complex and complex with every update. Size of android studio increased after every update.
    M i right?

  18. How to make toolbar display when run on mobile phone it shows but in designing it not

  19. it's slower, warning stay for way too long. Indexing got worse for me, and when navigating through code those progress bar can drive you crazy. Good job with all the features but would be perfect if we omit regressions.

  20. They completely lost me when android studio started using Gradle πŸ™
    Programming in 2013 was so much easier for me πŸ™‚

  21. Why the layout design come very slow i can’t even see when i apply changes in the design part???

  22. After updating to 3.6 the first issue i observed it that layout preview is taking long time to load and sometimes it doesn't load.
    Keep on showing "Rendering Previews" message. Please fix it ASAP.

  23. Waiting for the 4.0 Release that brings the feature similar to the Xcode (i dont know that name) but still it will be awesome feature for Android devs

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