What’s new in Android Studio 3.5

Android Studio 3.5 release introduces Android Gradle plugin 3.5 for incremental annotation processing for databinding, updates from Intellij IDEA 2019.1, the new Apply Changes tool, incremental annotation processing for Kotlin, Chrome OS support, and many more!

Project Marble comes to a conclusion and with it comes more stability, better performance, and more polished features in the IDE and build system.

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  1. Can anyone tell me how to browse repositories in 3.5.1 version for installing the plugin for Genymotion

  2. Why does this version get rid of the Preview function? There's no option anywhere to turn on the Preview window!! GRRRRRR

  3. hello
    My app name is quiz .quiz app work in all mobile version but do not proper work in realme ,redme(version 9),oppo v 9

  4. Well it got problems of resource linking fail when adding some android assest and vector assest to the project

  5. Well, upgrading from 3.3 to 3.5 completely screwed my IDE. Will try 3.4 instead.

  6. Thanks guys for destroying all of my projects. I can not have Java and Kotlin files together in one project. Do anyone know a solution?

  7. thank you
    i saw a new feature that i have been waiting for
    the feature is while updating or downloading it should a progress bar to know where your downlloads are thank you

  8. There is an error, by editing file always turns on Insert key, why?
    Malfunction Ctrl+F for find, Ctrl+C, ……

  9. I got a problem after updating from 3.4.2 to 3.5, I don't have suggestions! if I wanna change the text/color/image/etc of something it doesn't show the suggestions, but if I try the same with other project with gradle 3.4.2 it shows it! what's the problem, help please 🙁

  10. There have many disgusting feature in Android Studio 3.5.
    When I click on run button it starts emulator forcefully & slow down my IDE.
    When I format XML code it just breaks the codes sequence & then my XML code just destroy.

  11. google support library as if is not supported, i really hated it because whenever and using kotlin and trying to debug my app on the device or emulator, the process requires internet, saying kotlin plugin was not found in the cache memory. i hate it, it has many issues infact

  12. I can't create a transparent png file I tried every way so it doesn't chanced everytime it creates image asset with background. please hepl!!!

  13. If we click on build apk and cancel in mid of that, studio hangs.. keeps rounding and rounding

  14. Just wondering the difference between Intellij idea 2019.2 with android plug-in 3.5 and android studio 3.5 based on idea 2019.1. Will they do the same job?

  15. What's new in Android Studio 3.5?

    Apply changes

    Which doesn't allow continuous run and you can't turn it off.

    If any having this issue just roll back to previous stable version and wait for google to fix this.

  16. When I update Studio my projects under recent has been cleared. One of the big bug that the community should look into

  17. please release a version of AndroidStudio that include inner device virtualization. we have AMD cpu with SVM ability but unfortunately dont work properly.

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