What you NEED TO KNOW about getting around NYC | SUBWAY, bus, and car TIPS & COST

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Sharing with you the best ways to travel throughout New York City. This video will cover rideshare services, public transportation, biking, car rental, buses, subway, and ferries.

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  1. At 5:18 … currently in 2020, the fees of all the unlimited rides shown have increased, so the one shown are incorrect

  2. Hi there Sarah and everyone …. What is the meaning of going ‘Uptown’ or going ‘Downtown’ , as there’s no such terminology used in my country ?

    Secondly, I am in New York currently and there’s this irritating problem I’m having with MTA, which is that after purchasing an ‘Unlimited Monthly Metro Card’ , there were certain modes of transport which I wasn’t allowed to board & ended up with buying additional separate tickets for it, like for example, LIRR ….. so is ‘Citymapper’ or any other transportation app which informs me whether my ‘Unlimited Monthly Metro Card’ is acceptable for that particular type of ride

  3. Hi Sarah, thanks for showing us the correct way to put the subway card in the slot. Many people are from out of town and don't know how to use the card. I must say you are very pretty, and i would like to see you with pink lip stick. No, i'm not trying to pick you up. I'm just telling you my opinion.

  4. here is an ide, why even make videos like this recommending things when you are sponsored by a company you are clearly going to say good things about them.. so tired of reviews/recommendations that are 100% biased..

  5. Thought it was funny you found it important that Lyft was environmentally conscious, but also thought it was ridiculous to charge 1$ for a Metrocard. Still a great video though!

  6. And I thought the Japan subway system was complicated 😳 and I don’t even understand Japanese 🤣

  7. I paid for a 7days unlimited pass but I couldn’t use it after 2 times this mta card is bad quality I ended up like begging all the sta for each pass it’s bad experience for my first time in nyc

  8. Please do a video on the [shady or otherwise] NYC neighborhoods and areas that the tourists are better off avoiding.

  9. Citymapper as literally amazing, although when we first used it we didn’t realise you had to swipe left to see each section of your trip. So we thought it was confusing and then, it just clicked, and after that it was easy! Also it took us a couple of days to understand the uptown and downtown, once we realised to think about uptown and downtown for following signs, it made so much more sense, and we got lost a lot less. Also we highly recommend using the AR live scan on google maps. You hold it up and it’s scans the buildings in front of you and It plots the buildings, and triangulates where you are, more accurately. We found we got twisted about because of the buildings, as the GPS got confused, until we Discovered this part of the maps. So if the maps got confused, we just switched it on, scanned, and tada it knew where we were.

  10. The Unlimited MTA card works on both train and buses and also water taxi as well, Correct?

  11. Sarah is #1 NYC guide on youtube hands down. No disrespect to the others who are very good. Yes only US citizens should vote. Thank God they did in 2016.

  12. Thank you so much! Your videos made our stay in New York easier and less scary!

  13. Great video, very useful for tourists to New York. Thanks 👌🏻 ! One question, when using apps like Lyft, Uber etc. are tips included in the final fare, or do you tip separately i.e. in cash to the driver?

  14. Thank you, arrived from Ireland yesterday. It was a great help to get started on using the subway. Just to say that "dip" means putting your card in and out immediately. Also, it doesn't matter if you don't have a zip code when buying the metro card, it will pause and go ahead anyway.

  15. A really useful overview, Sarah. My only objection is that you speak so fast that one has to watch the video two or three times to fully understand your explanations and instructions. After all, it is meant for foreigners, isn't it?

  16. I'm in New York next week for the first time and I'm really nervous about the subway (Texas doesn't have subways). I'm glad you posted this!!!! Help!!

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