Weekend Project – Android Phone Tripod Mount

Here’s a simple little 5-dollar project that can be done in just a few minutes. It’s a tripod mount for an Android phone… it should work for almost any model. Just adjust the dimensions for your phone.


  1. That is actually a pretty damn good idea! Id still rather not trust myself to do something DIY though :L

  2. Love the idea, I am looking for a tripod mount as well and I haven't found anything that I've liked yet. Simplistic at it's best! Thumbs up for sharing your idea and the love for the Galaxy S phone!

  3. @MikeLombardoMusic Turns out it could have been better. After trying it out once, I found it could really use a slot for the power cable to connect. So it was back to the Dremel tool. Keep that in mind if you make one.

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