Website and Mobile App Wireframe Visio Templates: Bring your products to life

Bring any project or product idea to life using the modern Visio wireframes. Create quick mockups for your product or feature with ease using the new Website and Mobile App wireframe templates.
There are pre-packaged containers, UI controls, media, navigation shapes, and more. Smart Shapes like range slider and progress bar, let you customize values. Right-click Menu Actions give you options to change states, visual styles, and more.

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You can find wireframe templates in Visio…


  1. Is it possible to download those templates somehow? My "Old" 2016 Visio Pro, Brazil Licensed cannot find those ones in the template list.

  2. Not in visio online, very little value per price compared with similar products online. Visio was a beast, now it's just a canvas with fewer shapes than it's competitors only adding usability problems. Outlook is far worst than it's previous version too and there is a common pattern to both of them.

  3. No desktop client for Mac. Wish I'd known that before buying 3 licenses.

  4. Not in Visio Online Plan 2, which I bought specifically for this feature.

  5. Not Available in Visio 2016/365,
    1. Mobile Card and Conatainer
    2. Mobile Control
    3. Mobile Media

  6. stencils shown in this are not at all available in visio, MS playing advertising their product,

    If not please share the stencils details

  7. You know the new Microsoft surface book 2 does that come with
    Word, PowerPoint.. etc for free as a app???

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