WD My Cloud Can Now Auto Backup Photos and Videos – iPhone and Android

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – WD has implemented a long awaited smartphone automatic photo/video backup. The feature works on the latest My Cloud firmware update and supports both Android and iOS.

Once implemented the phone will upload all photos and videos to the My Cloud with a very short delay. By default the phone will only backup when it’s on a Wifi network but it can be configured to transfer data over cellular networks too (not recommended of…


  1. And when we delete the pics from the phone to free up space do they also delete from the backup?

  2. Hi thanks for sharing, wonder if you know of anybody would provide this kind of service for a fee.Including automatic backup from all my PCs and couple of phones? I live in Las Vegas.

  3. Hi and thanks for your helpful videos
    1. Is there away to back up also the picture folders in my iphone as folders on My Cloud?
    Cz now , if ill delete them from my phone they will be spread all over in one bic picture file on My Cloud 😕

  4. did WD fix the problem of auto backup from phone android going into PUBLIC folder on hard drive………………thanks

  5. If I delete my photos on my iPhone camera roll, will the wd cloud drive also delete them?

  6. Does your internet speed determine how fast your pictures back up to your My Cloud device?

  7. Hi Lon,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and the only pictures that seem to back up are screen shots; I assume those are stored on the phone's memory. Does it not back up photos if you have an SD card in the phone??

  8. thing that bothers me is that, can a clever hacker get into these private folders since these are being pipelined over the internet for you to access at the other places.

  9. it doesn't back up Videos, only photos on my Samsung s6.

    i have checked with WD. perhaps you should try it before doing this video

  10. I'm sold, thanks for the updated information on camera uploads

  11. Hi Lon, is backup only camera roll photos and videos or also other photos folders, such as whatsapp images (if I received photos via whatsapp)

  12. Hi Lon, is there a function whereby WD My Cloud gives you the option to delete the original photos off my iphone after backup or do I have to do that manually?

  13. Hi Lon, I've followed your exactly on your video but my iphone doesn't auto download to my cloud.
    can you please give any suggestion?

    Thanks a lot,


  14. Can you back up different iphone photos from different owners/iphones?

  15. Will the iPhone camera roll backup even if the phone is locked I start the sync but then when my phone auto locks after a few minutes the sync stops

  16. Hello,

    Which WD My cloud do I need to get the feature to where the MyCloud is a mapped drive internal to my network and external? I don't want to have to use an app. I would like to save and open to a mapped drive rather than save to my computer then move it over.

    Thank you

  17. Thank you for the update Lon …. I've been using the other device that you told me about now I'll also have to test this out

  18. If I back up an old Desktop Mac to My cloud, does the content from my desktop substitute the content I had uploaded through my new laptop? Does it erase the documents I have on my cloud, to put the ones from the desktop?

  19. Lon – if you delete pictures on your iPhone that have already been sync'd to your WD device, does it also then delete on your WD device?

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