WatchMaker – In-Depth Review and Beginners Guide – The Best Watch Face Creator for Android Wear

It’s a biggy – but I couldn’t make it shorter. To do this great android wear app justice it needs a little room (several hours of filming and editing and 3 hours of rendering later we’re here!).

If you haven’t tried WatchMaker yet and are still a Facer loyalist, maybe it’s time to look around. This app is updated almost daily, has some amazing functionality and produces battery saving watchfaces (what more do you…


  1. This app is a scam 10 bucks and they constantly skrew you over everyway so you have to pay over again

  2. i purchased watchmaker but just can't get heart rate or steps to work. can't fathom out how to add them to a watch face 😫

  3. Can i use this skins in a android 7.1 smartwatch? I just ordered a kospet Optimus pro and i wanted to use some tag Heuer skins i saw in this app

  4. The app now has a lot of negative reviews. It seems they want people to pay $2.99 which I would gladly do but they also want you to get a license from googleplay for $7.99 a month. Which is insane. So it sounds like it's a scam..

  5. Pretty cool watch faces. I paid for a pack, but am unable to install on my Galaxy watch. It keeps telling me something about wear OS. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  6. This is a must have app for Android Wear users. This is the Apple watch killer !!!

  7. This has helped me customise a watchface that I liked. Only problem I have found which I hope you may know the answer to, is how to get the Heart Rate monitor to display correctly on the watchface? Only I can get it to show,. but it doesn't display the actual heart rate reading.

  8. Hi. Very informative vid. Thanks. Do you know how to add the percentage digits to the battery icon. For both watch battery and phone battery. Because when i add the battery % from the ➕ button. It just shows a blank square.

  9. pretty much just a Facer clone… they always just do what Facer does. Facer does it first, better, and has way better designers/features/quality bar.

  10. Have a massive problem with the moto 360 gen 1 to send the faces. Tryed everything but it's buggy as hell. For now I'm using Google faces but want the faces from badapps 😢

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