VMOS Vitual Root Android Use Rooted Apps Without Root your Device


  1. application not applicason this is why indians english is not good be they dont use some sound

  2. Want to buy someone's pokemon go account level 40…. interested pupil can mail me…. (popkumar00@gmail.com)

  3. Oye ye bhi bata isme game hang hoti he or lolipop me chalta he 5.1 bata

  4. Vmos me factory reset kaise kare?
    Data clear karne se internet use karke fir se install karna padta hai

  5. VMOS AIO- https://archive.org/download/3.0.1/VMOS%20AIO_signed.apk

    Pogomaps NV 3.0.1: https://archive.org/download/3.0.1/PoGo%20Maps%20Nv_signed.apk

    No root need (Includes GPS joystick in system)
    Latest apps for VMOS AIO, Maps and Pokémon go can be found in pogomaps app
    Download & install Pokémon go from pogomaps app
    Set location Play!

    Login bypass log in issue first time setting it up
    1 Open Pokémon with GPS off device not vmos
    2 After fully loading go exit it
    3 Open Vmos
    4 Open Vfin click each button from top to bottom
    5 Open Pokémon go in vmos & login error will show
    6 Exit vmos
    7 Open Vmos
    8 Open Vfin (3 buttons again)
    9 Open Pokémon go in vmos
    If it doesn't work repeat

    Login normal after the first time setup follow steps 1-5 and you'll have no error everytime afterwards.

    Apps installed:
    GPS Joystick (CyberDroid No Ads)
    PogoMaps (Get Pokemon Go download from here)
    NewYork Map
    Singapore Map
    Vancouver Map
    Sydney Map

  6. Bhai….play store par vimos lite ke naam ka official app hai…..kya wo bhi same hai or different

  7. I have downloaded the apo and it works fine. But whenever I toggle root on it says loading ad and it doesn't toggle on and the add won't show. What should I do?

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