Visiting New York City ? – 7 MUST HAVE Phone Apps !

What apps do you need to have on your phone when you travel to New York City? This list of 7 essential phone applications will come in handy, trust me. Make sure to leave me a comment and tell me which one you are most likely to use. Subscribe for more tips and tricks from NYC and beyond !

1) Citymapper
2) Sit or Squat
3) Hotel Tonight
4) Four Square/Yelp
6) Timeout New York
7) Shopdrop

N.Y.C Tips Playlist:…


  1. Which one of these apps will you most likely download? Be sure to leave a comment because I want YouTube to know you're watching. Subscribe if you're new for more adventures.
    NYC Tips Playlist:

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  2. Hi John, I really appreciate your tips. But as a photographer, I miss more specific service tips. For example, I have had a hard time looking for tips on the internet about lens repair services, especifically for correcting scratches on the lenses. As a matter of fact, there's no need for a vídeo as it's very specific matter, but if you could help me with that I would apprecciate. Thx

  3. Hello John! Just arrived from NYC.. I must thank you for your NY tips, they made my trip much more easy and enjoyable.
    Also, regarding to apps to use in NY, Citymapper is a absolut "Must Have" in your phone. It saved soo much time moving thru the city and easy to take a subway like if I was in my own city. Thank you very much for all your help John!

  4. Geez, when you need 7 apps to navigate a place…

    You know it's NOT a place to visit for first time alone.

    Next time NYC. Next time…. When I have a bunch of fellas on my side, and avoid getting killed on second 7.

  5. Coming from Ireland in July. Can't wait. Would be cool to meet you there. thanks for the tips

  6. I use the Move It app if I need know what the best subway to use (it shows buses, ubers, driving, walking as well). I like it. It's pretty similiar to the one you mentioned. 😉

  7. Thank you! I've already downloaded some of them, I'm going to NYC in a few days for the first time and I'm sure they'll be useful!

  8. I'm moving to NYC coming from Switzerland next week for my internship. This is so useful! Thank you

  9. Just wanted to say thank you for all these amazing videos! Found your channel the other night and it has me more then prepared for my trip to New York in April, can’t wait to check out all the different places you have gone in your videos and I’m sure these apps will be handy while I’m in New York.

  10. If a traveling Texas stoner were to be looking for the devil's lettuce what would you say would be an area one would find it? lol serious question

  11. I frequently use yelp especially in new locations. The City mapper sounds like a must have especially when wandering around Manhattan for someone not super familiar with the transportation options.

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