Varia RTL510 Rearview Radar: Getting Started

Ride smarter and more aware with Varia™ RTL510 rearview radar. Mounted neatly on the seatpost, it warns of approaching vehicles and offers a bright tail light so you can see and be seen, day or night.

• Provides visual and audible alerts to warn of vehicles approaching from behind up to 153 yards (140 meters) away
• Tail light offers daylight visibility up to a mile away, so drivers can see you well before the radar sees the vehicle
• Sleek vertical design easily mounts to most…


  1. Did they update it to give audible prompts on earbuds? If not it is pointless to me and a bunch of other ppl
    Maybe it would be better with a wahoo, bc they have those bright LEDs on their head units. Might get rid of my edge.

  2. Garmin please integrate this with a rear camera that displays the live video on the computer. It's a million dollar idea just send me one when it comes out 😉

  3. Great device, but please make it possible to charge while using. Sometimes I forget to fully charge it and run out of power during a ride. I have USB-power on my bike and would love to plug the radar into it.

  4. I cannot find the "Light mode settings" on my Garmin 530.
    How do I select Auto/High Visibility/Trail/individual ???
    There is no such a "Lights" menu (Settings>Sensors>Lights)

  5. 1:09 The light MUST NOT flash! It's really irritating for other car drivers or cyclists.

  6. If blue tooth headphones are connected to my head unit, will I am audible tone when a car is near?

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