Using Leaf Spy on Android to screen used Leafs

Basic info on how to use Leaf Spy on Android to get relevant info when screening used Nissan Leafs.

Make sure the car is in READY mode (green car w/arrows in the dash) by putting your foot on the brake and pushing power. Make sure you have the correct OBD2 dongle and it’s paired w/Leaf Spy already.


  1. How many bars did your leaf had at the time 😎I'm looking at buying a 10bar leaf but not sure where the SOH would be sitting at 10bars 🤔

  2. Good info.
    In the GIDS screen:
    – To the right of the GIDS value, is the percentage (55.9%) the current charge percentage out of a full charge?
    – Are good GIDS values for less-than-full charge values in LINEAR proportion to the good GIDS values at full charge?
    For example, you said good full-charge GIDS values are 281 – 290.
    Are 140 – 145 GIDS good values for a 50% charge?
    Are 70 – 73 GIDS good values for a 25% charge?

  3. You left out what numbers we should actually be looking for when buying a used leaf in the app.

  4. Hi. Thank you for pointing out where to find AHr and SOH, but I'm not sure what values to actually be on the look out for when testing used LEAFs. What would the AHr and SOH have to be to worry you?

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