Using Google Maps for RV Travel

#rvgps #rvtripplanner #rvgooglemaps This video shows how we use Google maps for our RV travel planning and driving directions. We also share a few other helpful apps that make our RV travel more enjoyable.

The subject of which GPS to use can be as controversial as the politics one chooses. I’m not looking for a debate. My objective is to share an alternative that we found works great for our RV travels. Something you may want to explore and try as well.

I’ve used GPS devices for a…


  1. Thanks for this video, very similar story and you have convinced me to use google maps exclusively.

  2. Thanks for your work!
    What happens when you pass one of your way points? Does the map reset and continue to your next point? Do you have to reset anything on the map?

  3. What an informative video that offers so much help for people who still use outdated gps systems. This is so much more useful and also don't forget you can save sections of maps just in case you lose data on the trip.

  4. We purchased RV Trip Wizard for our recent “Maiden Voyage” and it was quite useful but not perfect. I struggled using Goggle Maps. I may give it another shot but we are really concerned about finding our 39’ RV (with my Honda being towed behind) in a tight spot where we’re confronted with a bridge or other hazard we can’t navigate. Yikes!

  5. Thanks for sharing the information. As a new RV driver, there are many helpful tips for me on the video. Even though I only have a 28' class C, I am concerned about the low overpasses and have already found a lot of the narrower roads are not RV friendly.

  6. I would enjoy finding out what the best RV apps are, if anyone wants to throw some stuff out there. I saw one recommendation for Trucker Path and just found Free Roam, but Free Roam is not fully loaded for campsites in NC, because it's a fairly new app.

  7. I use a truckers GPS it gives you routes, height, food, shopping, gas while rolling down the road. It has never steered me wrong!

  8. I would just like to add that in addition to emailing the completed map, you can text it to your phone too. I find that easier for me.

  9. I'm trying to plan an RV trip in the UK and I wish you could start with how to "save" the information for your trip. I can tell you spent a lot of time showing start point, explaining way points and that's great but after I log into google and go to maps… I know where I'm staying on the first couple of legs of my journey but as I create the route it seems the next time I log in there is no way to just go to "My UK" RVing map I'm creating. Can you please show us where you saved your route and how to find it later? I even tried to google local map tutor for google maps and it took me to google for map making and educational links for engineers… lol

  10. I may have missed it, but after you set your route using your laptop, how are you able to pick up that Google map route either on your phone or other device?

  11. Great work around 👍 Thanks for sharing the info 💕 Can’t believe Google doesn’t develop maps for RV travelers😣

  12. Great video, if you haven't yet, check out trucker path, you can set a route that is safe for trucks, you can see all truck stops, walmarts, shops, ect. Great video though

  13. Allstays has all underpasses by height listed in the app, its not automatic, you have to actually look and trace your route.

  14. What do you think about RV Garmin devices that accept the height and length of your rig and automatically route around underpasses and narrow tunnels?

  15. Jerry, great video. Waypoints are a good tip! I will be purchasing a 39 foot fiver, and have a Duramax Chevy 3500 6.5 bed quad cab., SRW. I was aiming at a B&W Companion slider hitch. I'm new to 5th wheel towing. What do you think of the truck / trailer and hitch set-up? The fiver weighs 14K loaded. I want a seasoned opinion of my plan before I commit to it. Thanks!

  16. Sir, I have an issue when I pass by that waypoint, it wants me to turn around and go back to it, how do you tell it to move on to the next waypoint?

  17. Just to let you know, I've been watching YouTube RV videos for a couple years now and this one ranks in my top 5. I love the how to ones so much better than the talking heads. Thanks, keep them coming.

  18. OMG this is the missing youtube video. I have been fighting this problem forever. Thank you for taking the time to show us the work around. YAHOO

  19. I use Garmin RV 770 LMT-S with my RV. Works great. I don't use my phone for navigation. When you loose the internet your map is no longer updated. I thought you reviewed the Garmin RV 770 LMT-S

  20. Thanks great video! I to use Google Maps on my I-Phone when traveling. We did try it with my wife's I-Pad but it is only Wi-Fi so it did not work. Have or could you discuss how you setup your hot-spot to make the tablet work with the phone? What if any extra options is needed? Thanks again

  21. Looked through a few comments, but didn't see it. Have you used WAZE? It seems to use google maps. How many waypoints are required to ensure no changes in the entire route?

  22. Very much needed advice for us! Thanks a bunch Jerry! As always Blessings to you and your family Jerry!

  23. Love those tips. Certainly more user friendly and RV friendly. Thanks.

  24. Our motorhome came with a Rand McNally RV GPS that we use. I used Garmins for years and, if the MH hadn't had the Rand McNally, I would have bought the Garmin RV 770 LMT-S. All the RV GPS allow you to put in your height, width, and weight and it will avoid those roads you will have trouble with. We also carry the truckers road atlas. Our GPS has a monitor at the co-pilot seat.

  25. While you're in North Georgia, check out Trackrock Campground – really nice, secluded place outside of Blairsville. I have a video on it on my channel. Nice job with the routing.

  26. Every single thing that you have including all of the APs that you use and the Rand Mcnally atlas is all included in one unit and it's called the Good Sam/Rand Mcnally RV GPS plus 12,000 campgrounds programmed into it,real time weather, realtime traffic reports and about 10,000 more things that google maps doesn't give you and I never need a cell phone signal with 5 satellites tracking me and it has a 7" screen so no need for a tablet plus I go to the Good SAm website and use the free travel planner to set waypoints and go the way I want to go also then download it directly to my GPS. Just a thought

  27. If you already know the route to take, why go through all that? Just use a paper map. Phones with GPS just get hot when using the GPS. Lots of wear and tear on the battery. Not sure about this idea.

  28. Very informative. I'm going to practice with these tips for sure. Question: Have you tried the "All-Stays Camp and RV" app? I have it on my phone but haven't used it much. Supposed to work with Google Maps but I haven't figure out how yet.. I was hoping you might have some insight on it.

  29. Great information! Oh, how I WISH there were such a thing as a perfect GPS app.
    I suppose they can only improve in the future.
    BTW: Nav Meter displays are dragable.

  30. I use Google maps to plan and force it to go the way I want it to. I run Copilot Live on my Samsung tablet, since Samsung has a GPS chip I don't have to be online. I enter the points I have generated on Google into Copilot.

  31. 👋🏻Florida☀️🏝🇺🇸 Fkrst time watcher. New Sub. Great tips as I prepare for FT RVing . Thanks and Hope all is well.

  32. Awesome video and how to keep them coming what's your hotspot device and how does that work

  33. All good info, but you can do the same on a Garmin GPS. The value of the Garmin RV GPS is that it will tell you where low bridges are, correct gas stations, RV Service Centers, and traffic. I've used them all and I will stay with the Garmin RV GPS.

  34. Did you know you can click and "grab" onto a route and move it to another road with your mouse? Faster than waypoints. Also, do you see on the screen where it says "send directions to your phone"? Also faster than emailing the link.

  35. This was very helpful thanks. I really liked your video about Leisure Acres too and we are coming up there September 12th full time site 26a to the right of the office. Just sold our house in Roswell GA but I have another year to work. See you there. Gary

  36. I have tried using Google Maps In my travels. The problem I have had is getting it to alert me audibly when it is time to turn. I travel alone and it is unsafe for me to be constantly monitoring my phone while driving. Any tips with getting the alerts set up? Thank you for this very informative video.

  37. Love the honest opinion and review! Definitely can relate, we have had a few times where our gps took us on the wrong route and had to drive forever to turn around hahaha pre planning is crucial!

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