Using APPLE AIRPODS on ANDROID (Apple Airpod 2 Review)

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In this video we take a look at the new Apple Airpods. But we are looking at how they work on Android. They are the best bluetooth headphones for iOS and MacOS but how do they work with the droid? Well in this video we take a look!

Apple Airpods:



  1. Can one earpod be in the case while still playing music in the other earpod?

  2. I am using airpods w android its amazing
    The things different between android and android is the pause when removing One and Siri (not very Good even on iPhones)

  3. Omg I just bought some and I was worried they wouldn't come with a charger cus I'm stupid and have a android 😂

  4. It don't matter if the chip will work on android. They won't do it because they want you to go with iOS products and I phones are more expensive so they are technicly getting more money. Yeah I know Apple is gay.

  5. Thats Airpods 1 because it has a dot inside the case

    Airpods 2 has a dot in the center of the case

  6. I can use airpods on my pixel independently (both left and right) and if i take them out it will pause whats playing (it takes a bit longer than on an apple device though)

  7. So basically, Airpods do work with Android?
    Because my apple id always gets disabled and its done that with many apple ids so I have to keep creating new ones, im thinking of getting an Android instead =<

  8. Bro I use knock offs cuz I thought AirPods don’t work on Android… my sister’s didn’t show up on my phone and they were right next to the phone… what am I doing wrong??

  9. Nice review I picked refurbish at bestbuy latest model AirPods for $109.00 great 👍 deal.


  11. please help, im considering to buy AirPods but I have a Sony phone. should I?

  12. For Android users: if you download an app called airbattery it shows the battery and allows you to use pause when you take out and resume when put back in. Your welcome 😄

  13. I am an Android 4Ever kind of person, but I just got AirPods Gen 2 as a gift, and I LOVE THEM. I absolutely do. They are amazing and work great with my Android phone (OnePlus 5T in this case). Connecting them to Bluetooth was just as easy as connecting anything else. Double Tap works. Ear detection works. Everything works. You do NOT get "Hey Siri…" functionality (obviously), but no one cares.

    Seriously, if you have Android, do not worry, they work perfectly. Also, check the "AirBattery" Play Store app for getting AirPods battery percentage notification (not my app, I just really like it).

  14. Yes but right now I returned the earpods but i still appreciate the fact that you helped me,thank you for your time

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