Updated 2019 Honda Pilot with Tips & Tricks

Honda has updated the Pilot for 2019 with Sensing safety Standard with front LED’s also Standard. New Tech including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Cabin Control, AT&T 4G LTE Plus a new look with updated bumpers, grill and wheels. I also get to test drive the new Pilot off road testing all drive modes and much more. #Honda #HondaPilot

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  1. From LX to EliteBlack Edition, how do you put the Gear Shift into Neutral if the Pilot needs to be towed? My cousin and I have the 2019 Honda Pilots. He has the EX Front Wheel Drive Trim and I have the EX-L AWD Trim. We don't know how to put the Gear Shift into Neutral from Park. Please show us how do that with your next Pilot Video.

  2. I have the Honda Pilot 2019 Lx I have backup camera but car doesn’t beep to alert if something is behind. Is that normal? I know with my previous car it beeped

  3. great great review.. but man i would have some serious anxiety driving my 2020 over all that… 🤣

  4. I was wondering how I can move my Shift Knob without turning on the engine on my 2019 Honda Pilot EX-L. Just in case something happens.

  5. Anyone having problems with the 2019 Pilot display going blank, and the dealers unable to repair it? I'm considering purchasing one, but I see there's a class action lawsuit regarding this.

  6. I like my 2019 Pilot. The idle-stop takes a bit to get used to. Like many others, we've had an issue with the nav screen- it started about 6 weeks after delivery that the screen didn't come on right away… took about 5 minutes. This has gradually stretched out to over an hour sometimes. The screen does pop up right away when the vehicle is really hot in the sun (pet-killing if left inside kind of hot). Took back to the dealer yesterday. It's under warranty, but the needed parts are back-ordered into September.

  7. Love my 2019 Honda Pilot elite. They never told me I had 3 months of Hotspot😜. Will have to call Honda of Auburn now. Thanks for the tips; very helpful

  8. Loved your video thank you so much and I now understand the car better.

  9. Jason brother what’s is better Honda Accord v6 or 2.0t , because I have the 2.4 but I want change the engine in the same car and put a v6 is the 2017 and I love the model 2017 , what do you think 🤔

  10. OMG! Jason I just bought 2019 Pilot EXL and was looking for tutorial on my garage door opener and your video popped up. Small small World….

  11. Great review!!!! Im on the fence between the Pilot, maybe a 2018, and the Highlander. I saw a similar review with the Highlander and it did not do so good. I have a '13 Accord EXL, and I've had Toyotas. Both are good in their own right. But looking at this review, the Pilot seems to be a better choice when it comes to this type of Crossover. Especially with Apple CarPlay. Decisions, decisions! 🙂

  12. Sorry, but Jason is the typical asshole you see everyday with a lead foot. What's the fucking rush especially on the "rock" course? Geesh, let the truck and suspension do it's job rather that trying to throttle your way out of everything. Drivers like that are the ones that will destroy vehicles then whine on how they are a piece of junk.

  13. Jason, did you ever hear why the 2019 Ridgeline does not have the volume knob? And it would have been nice to have 3-settings for heated seats.

  14. I went to the dealer and he know less than I am on the car features lol

  15. The volume on the Blind Spot Information System is very low can barely hear it , How do I adjust it?

  16. Honda Pro Jason, I'm thinking about the Passport Elite. I don't need the third row, so that is why I'm looking at the Passport. How's the stereo system in the Pilot or Passport? I heard Honda has a poor stereo system. Also, will the Passport have tilt down mirrors in reverse? I heard that the Pilot mirrors will darken when lights hit them, so I guess the Passport will as well.?

  17. 1:45 So, if the mirrors fold by themselves with a Button, then why are you Folding them manually?

  18. Hey Jason, can you please give instructions how to customize the climate control during a remote start. Thanks

  19. Here's a general question for all viewers. Does anyone know of a 3row SUV that allows access to the 3rd row when there is 3 toddler seats in the 2nd row??. Most SUV require the 2nd row seat to "fold" to gain acess the 3rd row. If you have a toddler seat in the 2nd row it prohibits gaining access to the 3rd row. Your help is appreciated.

  20. For an Elite trim there shouldn’t be black plastic trimming throughout the entire vehicle. All that money spent for the top of the line model and we can’t get paint on it? Ass backwards and tremendously idiotic.

  21. I purchased my PILOT on Oct. 31st after watching many reviews of its technology , etc. I am completely satisfied with the performance and looks. Thanks for this video.

  22. Great video! Side question, do you know when will the Ridgeline be getting those update interior features, such as the entertainment head unit?

  23. I hope you can get find the answer on why the black cloth interior isn't available in all exterior colors .

  24. Just watching with you guys I got a headache! The Highlander still the best SUV in the market👌

  25. I've never thought in my life I'd be looking at buying a suv. thats what happens when you got kids

  26. I told myself that if ever won the lottery, I’d buy a Pilot Elite and be driven around in that 😂

  27. I saw a couple of comments on the looks of the Pilot.. I love the look (exterior).. It sits up nice and high with a nice tall stance. This is nice because a tall roof it makes for excellent visibility (which is important for safety) and very good comfort. The Pilot has a nice ride, is quiet and comfortable. Unfortunately Honda for some unknown reason gave this Pilot a very strange, unattractive and un-easy to use. All Honda had to do give the Pilot a simple premium traditional dashboard and instrument cluster (with large knobs/controls and a dial type tach and speed-o) and they would have made a heck of a nice SUV. FYI, same could be said about the Honda Ridgeline..

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