Update Your Rooted Galaxy S6 Using Smart Switch – Mac & PC [How-To]

How to Update the Galaxy S6’s Firmware Using Smart Switch Full Article: …


  1. hello I've tried to plug in my device which is samsung s6 in smart switch but suddenly it cant recognized my device its error what should i do???

  2. I have a rooted s6 edge plus. I already downloaded the updates thru smart switch but when it proceeded to updating process where my phone reboots, it pops and error saying “Failed to recognize software update mode”. Does this have anything to do with my phone being rooted? I already tried changing the cable/chord but to no avail. I need help please!!! Thank you!

  3. I have unrooted my phone but than also it says u have the latest version…….will this trick help me out?

  4. how to fix secure folder cannot be set up because unauthorized software was installed on the device on my rooted s8 plus please help thanks

  5. Just want to share that I tried this on my Sprint Note 5 and it did work. I was rooted but all went well. I did lose root but I kept all my data and my current setup. Thanks for the video

  6. I'm having a problem my galaxy s6 that it won't show me the new update available it just shows me that I have the latest update but it's not true so I tried doing it with smart switch and it doesn't shows me the update button. I don't what else to do my phone is not rooted and doesn't has any malicious files so I don't know what is going on that I can't update to the latest version of Android. Please help me, I would really appreciated.

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