[UPDATE] Pokemon GO Hack Rooted Android, HIDE Root, SafetyNet ByPass for Snapchat, Android Pay etc

Using magisk manager 12.0 you can now Hide ROOT and can easily do a safteynet bypass check, Play pokemon go on rooted android phones and also you can use android pay too.

Description Link :


  1. Hi there if you want spy snapchat check * t. co /5eAz2q2t5Y* (without spaces). it's very easy bye

  2. Hey man if I do this do I lose any data?
    I have some important stuff on my phone that I can't lose but I also want to play PGO
    Btw I'm rooted with supersu so I guess I'll have to unroot first

  3. Any solution for rooted Lg g2 android 5.0.2?Because i always have unable to authenticate problem.I tried everything,but didn't work.

  4. if i off root on supersu is should work same or not?I have problem with "Unable to Authenticate" and i use all methods from internet

  5. hey plss tell me and help me….

    i'll done all things but in my samsung galaxy note 4 Magisk safetynet failed: cts profile mismatch


    i want to play pokemon go on my rooted device…

    plss fastttttttt

  6. que puedo hacer???
    no me deja cuando lo instalo me dice que failet
    ya desinstale el root
    por favor!!!
    que puedo hacer!!
    tenia el superusuario
    con un moto g 3

  7. Hey thanks for awesome video. I am unable to pass safetynet. I m rooted with supersu. What should i do?

  8. Have you try installing Magisk v12 together with Xposed Framework?
    because on me Magisk Safetynet not working when i install Xposed.

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