Unboxing the Janus Design BMW 1 Series Double Din Facia Surround

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Ordered this new fascia from Janus design, impressed with the quality. It is the only double din fascia that allow the double din to be located above the climate controls, which looks way better in my opinion.

Fascia –


  1. Is their site down?? I tried adding a kit to the cart but wouldn’t let me.

  2. Thank you this is what I was looking for. I have a couple of questions that you may be able to answer: 1) is the mounting kit really necessary? – there are quite a few "universal" cheaper kits elsewhere and modern DDIN radios are not so heavy so I am wondering if it is really worth it. 2) Which cable harness adapter is necessary (my car has an aftermarket parrot CK 3000 handsfree installed so I wonder if I need one or it can be reused

  3. Hola este face panel cuánto mide o para que pantallas puede servir, te agradeceré los comentarios

  4. hi. Please, can you help me? Probably you sold the car, but you could help me, cause i love her, and i would to keep it for some years… I ve got a e82 year 11/2007. I tried to fit a 2 din car stereo with a different brand bezel, but i failed, cause there is no space inside: the car stereo touches the air ducts. Now i've seen you bought a janus design bezel, but the question is: did you cut something inside the car, for exemple in the air ducts area, or this bezel fits better than other brands? can i put a 2 din car stereo without modifications at the car? I've seen that exists also a solution to fit the car stereo at the bottom and the climate controls at the top, but i don't like this solution: i like a lot your solution, with the stereo upper and the climate controls at the bottom. Would you write me something about my questions?
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  5. Hi buddy, I will like to ask you a question, I brought a week ago a full kit for my bmw but still do not received any tracking or answar, is that normal? Is the guy active anyway?

  6. Hi man !! Do you have done some modifications to put the bezel? Like cutting the climate or plastics inside?

  7. Did you order the custom Janus sizing, or the generic one?? (I just ordered my Parrot Android SMART.)

  8. Do you mind telling me who fitted the Janus/Parrot.. They obviously did a good job.

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