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Best battery life hack battery life tips and tricks improve battery life in 2018 here i will show best android tips and tricks to get more battery from android smartphone like Samsung xiomi redmi oneplus 5t

Battery Saving Rom Candy Review:-
Battery saving Rom Download:-

Dont Want to Install Rom ?
here is another trick:-

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  1. is this rom available in redmi note 4x snapdragon?? if yes, plsss tell me how plesss

  2. Every time all 8 cores running (@195mhz) until I stop one of them, they never go offline automatically

  3. Which is the best battery rom (stable) for zuk z1 bro??? Without any major bugs?

  4. Guys I flashed AOSPExtended-v6 on my Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus and the battery is draining like hell so is there any suggestion for me

  5. sir i have enabled the smart pixel but not getting a good battery life on my redmi note 4

  6. Instead of flashing a new rom, install a similar app 'pixel filter' from playstore. It works exactly as the smart pixel feature mentioned.

  7. Want music link played at the end of the video please I beg you. Asked for many youtubers but don't give a damn to say about.

  8. Is smart pixel feature only available on candy os, what if I want to add this feature on any other roms.

  9. Samsung Company burns to hell after watching this video 😂😂 Only Amoled displays support Smart Pixels by actually turning off the pixels and saving battery!

  10. bro u should do some advertisement, ur video are the best i have ever seen. so don't limit ur talent i m sure u will get more subscribers

    plz keep making videos,

  11. On your other video is says it requires root. Why is it always root ? I.ll just do it the way I do it. Keep airplane mode on untile i have 13 or 14 hours of battery's.

  12. You have around 2 hours screen on time in 1 Day and 15 Hours and you've lost 26% charge..doesn't sound that promising

  13. Bro i am trying to unlock bootloader in asus. Zenphone 2 laser
    Is there any chance to install twrp in my phone

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