Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Smartphone Filmmaking

A simple guide to getting started smartphone filmmaking.

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  1. Brilliant video, found the whole thing really useful and really easy to digest despite how techy it was! Thank you!

  2. LOVE that you included a clip of The Master! I know it was shot on film but I'm trying mimic the look of that movie with my phone as best I can haha

  3. Maybe it`s just my own personal sensitivity to sound, but I (personally} am having a very hard time focusing on all the Really great info you are giving over in this vid. (Thank you for this! It`s great!} ..but all the dissonant musicambient soundsoundtrack and even the music, behind your vocals really could be stepped down a notch.. like 6db`s or something. Just enough for it to not distract so much that I actually pause this great vid to make a comment about it. Lol.. **This is not done out of Anything close to all the silly `hate` crap.. I Genuinely am very grateful for this commentary. I just wish I could focus a bit more on what you`re saying. (Lmao.. at one point, I had to pause it just to make sure there wasn't an alien invasion happening outside my 3rd floor window.] ~ And If there Were, I WANNA HEAR MORE SO I CAN FILM THAT SHIT GOOD!! } LOTSA LOVE, ~NMR

  4. You have inspired me! Thank you for your beautiful content, guidance and encouragement 💕

  5. Terrific guide, well narrated at a nice even pace. Excellent selection of movie clips too! I had no idea so many features were made with iPhones! Despite using FilmicPro for nearly three years, and carefully reading the manual, I still learned some new tips with your video. Learning how to lock your white balance at a specific value (11:26) was one, while how to eliminate jitter or the jelly bowl effect by turning OFF the image stabilization (2:20) was revealing… I was going like DAH! I had my iPhone 7plus mounted rock solid on a tripod, and couldn't understand why I was getting the jitter effect. Now I will do the same as I do with my Nikon DSLR's and turn off the stabilizer when mounted in a tripod or in windy conditons creating the jitter.

    TIP: For photographers with a good tripod with an Swiss Arca quick release mechanism on their ball head, the MeFoto iPhone holder is excellent device to securely hold your smartphone of choice, rock solid. Made of aluminum, it's lightweight and has a pre-drilled and tapped 1/4-20 thread for mounting onto a monopod. Lots of jazzy colours too. Find it on B&H Photo here:

    Thanks again for the excellent tutorial.
    Frederic in Montréal

  6. Yo, I just made my first video with only my phone filming and it turned out so good in my opinion. You can check it out if you want to (:

  7. Wish I had watched this video before starting the feature I’m currently shooting. I’ve been mainly a Director, Postproducer, VFX Supervisor, 3D Animator, CGI Artist, Editor, Musician, Voice Talent and Cinematographer for more than 30 years, mostly doing TV ads for worldwide and national campaigns, as well as for some features. This time I took a job for an actor/writer who made his directorial debut without any tech knowing. Needles to say, I ended up directing and cleaning his mess. He never did any preproduction, not even a technical script, a shoot list, a scene breakdown, or a storyboard. Not even call sheets. There’s nothing. We had to plan scenes everyday as we were shooting and I ended up modifying everything and even adding new scenes as his script is totally nonsense. I finally used this pandemia thing to stop production and rewrite his poorly written script and make all homework from scratch, hoping I can use some of the already shot scenes. It’s the first time I use an iPhonefor serious filmmaking, and I chose a 128gb iPhone SE for that. What I can tell right now it has sped up our production time compared to what I did in the past with a RED Weapon 6K (that I hate) but will never compare as what I got from the old Arri BL2, BL3, and 535 back in the day. Even though, using an iPhone as a camera has brought fun back to my work, and I hope I can master it as well as previous formats. Btw, your videos are the most helpful of them all on YouTube! Thank you and keep up the good work!

  8. Nicely produced video, informative and entertaining at the same time. Out of interest, what made you switch from Final Cut to Premier please?

  9. So, which is more popular? Smooth 4 or Osmo? When I bought my Smooth 4, 2 years ago, the DJI was the long of the hill. I haven't paid much attention since, but this man just said the Smooth 4 was more popular. Has it supplanted the Osmo?

  10. the concept of finishing the project even if you know it won't turn out any good is something I definitely needed to hear, so often I focus on the goal itself so much that I forget that I won't get better without practice, I guess that makes me a perfectionist, i've abandoned a minor project or two because we got to the editing stage and realized our shots were shit and decided refilming them wasn't worth it and abandoning it to move on to another project, so thanks for the inspiration

  11. That is a lot to absorb. Good information and well presented.Thanks!Recommend VMaker(edit all needed an free)to you!

  12. This is just so motivational. 😀 I have always been a big film-making fan, always wanting to make my own series or movie. And when I realized that I have the force I need in my Huawei P20 pro, it felt so surreal. So getting a gimbal, lumafusion installed on Ipad and lets start making some dreams come true 😀

  13. How do you save the film clips when I am outdoor? 4k is very big even 1080p. I want to start filimg with smartphone on my motorcycle trips but have no solution how and where to store the clips from phone to?

  14. Is the Rodemic recommended for filmmaking? Like, if I were to use it without the dead cat tail for a short film, would it still get good sound quality?

  15. Great Video! Thank you for the information. Question: On an iPhone 11 Pro Max Does FiLMiC Pro record at a CONSTANT frame rate? (Not the variable frame rate) Or any App?

  16. Great advice! We'll shoot our content on smartphones from now on! Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. Have question which format would you pick if could only choose one anamorphic or ultrawide(iphone 11)

  18. A comprehensive guide to smartphone filmmaking! Well done! Makes me want to start filming my next short!

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