UBER System design | OLA system design | uber architecture | amazon interview question

Systems design: What is the system design of the Uber App?
Systems design: What is the architecture for the OLA?
Systems design: What is the software design of the LYFT App?

Arch diagram:

Answer to all of the above questions is here, though I have explained much about Uber’s system design, but for interviews you can adopt the same answer to all of the cab aggregation services question.




  1. it has a good breadth – more a technical product view , but for engineering interview needs more depth. Caching, indexes, async processing etc. instead some obvious things can be skipped, so video length is not ballooning

  2. Great talk
    I don’t understand why they don’t use zookeeper for node management which seems to be more standard. Any advantage of using ring pop over zookeeper?

  3. Dude, I believe you have a good technical understanding but you need to improve your presentation and articulation skills. Repetitive phrases and unstructured information confuses a new learner and eventually they loose interest. Practice effective presentation skills.

  4. First i would appreciate the time and efforts put in this video, it was wonderful.
    I have a few queries, what are the factors which are responsible for operational cost, and how much hr might be needed to operate lets say 5000 cabs and 1 million users. As i know nothing about this but i have a good niche and i would like to know more, it would be great if you can help.

  5. Your explanation is really good. But from where are u getting the information about the actual application architecture which UBER is using ? What is the source of information ?

  6. This is posted in 2018, and I am watching this now! Shame on you internet :p

  7. Found your videos very helpful on enhancing skills. can you make system design video on Survey System.

  8. its easy if u have drawn all the whole schematic before starting interview i guess….

  9. Nice Video. Thanks a lot. I have a question. Would the "DISCO" servers actually fire off geo spatial queries to the NoSQL databases to find the cabs after knowing the cell ids from Google S2 libs? Can someone plz clarify

  10. I see there is RDBMS and NoSQL right next to each other. Does anyone know which part does he explain this ?

  11. Do you do contract work? $$$ 🤑

    I'm looking for a team to help with ui design and supply management systems.

  12. Also should the database shard by each server other than centralized?

  13. I think U are 1st who providing confidential knowledge ….openly. Thanks I appreciate U.

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