Tutorial – Smart Notification Trouble Shooting for Android

Have you paired your Garmin device with your smartphone, yet couldn’t receive any smart notifications on your device? This video will walk you through 3 easy steps to help you ensure you’ve turned on your phone and device’s notifications.


  1. I have a FR 645 and a Xiaomi MI9.. i did all of that steps the problem continue. Some help please!?

  2. This did not nail it! I still have regular messages telling me to turn off my phone to make this resume working

  3. All paired and notifications are on as prescribed. My Vivosmart HR receives the notifications, it just doesn't vibrate to let me know,.

  4. My Vivomove HR only vibrates twice when receiving an incoming call. Is this normal?

  5. Dude, you saved my life!!! I spent about 8 hours trying to fix this problem!! Thank you very much!!

  6. So, basically their are multiple filers doing the same thing. One in the connect program, one in the phones setup, and a simple one on the watch.

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