Tutorial Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats/Hacks Android/iPhone!

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Link for HaXplorer app
Here is the gem hack!:
Here is it! The video you have been waiting for!
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requirements: a smartphone, a hacking tool, choose one(gamecih,Haxexplorer,gameguardian, gamekiller)

and do the…


  1. I downloaded haxplorer but I have no idea how to use it. Your video doesn't explain how either. I had to go elsewhere to download it. All your video tells you how to do is enter free coins. I don't know how to access the game app with haxplorer. Please tell me how to use it. Thanks.

  2. I was only able to download haXplorer online and it took me some time, but thanks for this tutorial! 🙂

  3. Every time I open up HaXplorer it shuts down but the app still stays open, anyone have any ideas?

  4. It's kinda like using cheat engine but the thin that's making me confused is how do you root it? I'm using 10.1 Samsung if I'm not mistaken

  5. this haxplorer shit doesn't work, and your explanation is the worst ever, you gotta watch the video 5 times to even get wtf you're doing.

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