Trouble – An Android 18 Tribute

An AMV centered around Android 18 to the song “Trouble” by Pink, using clips from Dragonball Z and GT.


  1. Just one word, beast. Android 18 is one badass woman you do not mess with. Vegetal learn it the hard way. 

  2. SO GEIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is the best Android #18 AMV on YouTube. I remember seeing this AMV years ago and it inspired me to make AMVs. 😀

  4. I just figured out today that I live in the same city as the voice actor of Android 18/Launch!!!!!!!

  5. I honestly have an extremely hard time imagining tht but hey, I don't hate but then it would be krillin and bulma :/ which I also have a hard time imagining

  6. I see this video and think … that she saw Krillin to go out with him and even married??…. I want him to give me his tricks to win pretty girls!! well, speaking seriously .. Number 18 is a sexy, intelligent, strong and attitude .. I love it! your video is very good!

  7. Who else thinks Android 18 and Vegeta should have ended up together.

    They are both badass, ruthless and awesome.

    The Prince of Saiyans and the Princess of Androids. XD

  8. Can someone tell me what episode 2:34 is from, i never seen that clip before.

  9. She was a cyborg not a robot. She was human before she became an "android" and thus all of her reproductive organs were left intact. That's how she and Krillin had a child.

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