Trips by Lonely Planet – our newest travel app

Explore every day with Trips by Lonely Planet – a beautiful, simple and intuitive way to share travel experiences. Upload photos and videos to your timeline, then share your trip with your friends, family and fellow travellers. Discover new places, be inspired by stories from the Lonely Planet community and start planning your next adventure.

Available now on the App Store:…


  1. Digging this content, thanks for uploading! I'll be uploading videos too- check em out if you'd like

  2. I also can't find it on google play yet, when will it be released?
    I'm traveling to Indonesia in 2 weeks and would love to use this app 😀

  3. I wish they had this when I traveled the world (1985-2000). Oh well, my 'Tales' are available in print. "Footprints-stories from anywhere"(Amazon).

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