Triple your Battery Life for FREE! THIS METHOD REALLY WORKS!

We’ve all read about how to extend our laptop’s battery life, but in this video we find out just how much juice the most common tricks get us. Try Tunnelbear for …


  1. Plugging it in extends battery life by 10,000,000%! Try it, 100% works

  2. I love how this is a professional multi million subscriber tech channel but they make dark family/sex jokes on a guys personality

  3. always keep your laptop plugged in (with the battery removed!) when you're just staying in one place and don't have to move around to extend the battery life in the long run

  4. Dude was mad asf for like 3 weeks like why the fuck do i get only 1.5 hours every damn time……turn off most apps same even backlight… same….unplugs g502 hero logtech mouse gets 6 hours

  5. Trust me expressvpn is much better, they work on RAM, boosts internet speed and allow netflix streaming (mostly).

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