Tricks Only Android User Can Do! #ApnaTechGuru


Here I’m with my new video and in the video I have talked about the 10 things only a android user can do with its smartphone , not a iPhone user can do.

Things like using two apps at a same time , customize your home screen , set data limit , enable guest account , change your default browser and some other.

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  1. well to answer that … the thing an android phone cannot do and iPhone can and has been always doing is protect their user privacy ,android is by google and google is all about making money by your data . when you talk about iPhone being costly and android being cheap is bcos apple works and develops its ios and ios well optimized by apple and android is on phones where google cannot optimize android os for every brand`s smartphone .and there are some people who keep changing their android phones and within some months and money they spend all over changing these phones in that they can easily buy an iPhone .and if u look about longevity of an iPhone its not that costly as one can use it comfortably for even 3 years and its processor will still beat most of the android phones in the market and will be constantly getting security updates which almost 90% of android phones don't receives ! and ability to customize is not a feature its just an option there some people who don't like those fancy launchers themes on their phone`s .even the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 still runs more faster than most of the current mid range android phones. and yes i do agree iPhone`s are costly but that's for the one time if u look at its longevity ,its not costly ! and if u use different android u will things and options and UI gets changed in every phone to phone depending on the brand but on iPhones it doesn't happens so and switching from one iphone to another is much more simple and easy than an andriod and u wont even miss a single data from your older iphones infact u can get the same settings on your iPhones !

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