Transfer files from Android to a Mac

Transfer files from Android Phone to Your Mac and from Mac to Android.

App: Android File Tranfer

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  1. Thanks for the video. You all can see my video there is 5 ways transfer files from android to mac and theirs comparing

  2. I don't understand, do i need to download the same app to my phone? I want to transfer music from my android phone to my MacBook, i need some help i don't understand ):

  3. thank you so much, did you say, restore your phone and put the file back or did you say restart your phone? Very useful tips thanks. BTW it sounds like it would be good if you had a doctor check out your respiration – tip back – if you haven't already done so.

  4. I was using apple store. Really hoping the app works well as I have reinstalled it now a couple of times and it does not let the transfer happens: If someones has the right direction to follow (maybe I am doing it wrong) let it be shared please. Obrigado <3

  5. You NAILED it dude. Liked and Subed ✌️

    Better then Itunes by a million

    FUCK you Apple!

    Google takes it in the ass, too

    Read more

  6. I have a question for anyone random willing to answer whatever- why.. in my generation (young adult to early middle age I am 27) I do often find 'we're prefer android and perhaps my parents or grandparents gen prefer apple. I have my own stereotypes and assumptions as to why that may be generally. my question is, why, among my age-peers who prefer apple, Apple phones in particular not referencing macbooks so much, why for my peers who prefer Apple phones, do u? ty for any one (global question nationality idgaf) my age group do u what r advantages (legal or illicit reasons r valid)

  7. You talk waaaaaaay too much. That video could have been 5 minutes shorter. So annoying.

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