Transfer, Edit, Share GoPro Hero 3+ Photos & Videos on an iPhone or iPad

Jason R. Rich explains how to wirelessly transfer digital photos and videos that are shot using a GoPro Hero 3+ camera to an iPhone or iPad using the free GoPro app. Options for editing and sharing the photos or videos from the iOS mobile device are also provided.

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  1. what if it said that the content is not compatable with this device, i changed it to mp4 instead of mov. and i dont know how to change it back>>>>> help

  2. Tried to use the GoPro app to download a video from my Hero 3+ to my iPad Mini, but it's telling me the format isn't supported. Need to record at 1080p at 30fps or something along those lines. I presume I can use the GoPro app on my Windows PC to convert it to an appropriate format. How do I then transfer it from my PC to the iPad? I can't "drag" it to iTunes like so many articles suggest. When I try, iTunes changes the cursor to a 'link' icon but it never works. Suggestions?

  3. You are a professional with great commentary and step-by-step instruction that in my opinion is easy enough for someone in kindergarten to know how to do this. God bless you sir this was awesome!

  4. anyone knows how to transfer videos from a gopro to an ipad air 2. If so, I would greatly appreciate it. 

  5. Will this work with the hero 4 silver? Also, if I take videos away from my iPhone then connect over wifi later, will those videos still show up in the GoPro app gallery?

  6. Thanks , just what I was looking for! I have a question though. When using the gopro through the tv on hdmi. I have no audio, can you help?

  7. That is one absolutely straight forward great instruction…No Fuss and No Mess!
    Please keep up the good work.

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