Transfer data Android to iPhone 2019

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In this video we explain how to transfer data from Android to iPhone using the Move to iOS app. This is a helpful video if you want to transfer data such as Contacts, Photos, Videos and Messages from Android to iPhone.
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  1. I need this since i dont have what is it called again?…AirDrop! On my tablet on ios

  2. If you buy a new iPhone, should you remove the SIM card from your Android to your new iPhone before this process? Or after?

  3. Hello,
    This app moved everything except whatsapp chat backup.

    Please suggest how can I Restore whatsapp chat backup in IOS from Android.

  4. Would you be able to use the android phone after you transfer the data to the iphone?

  5. Do apps downloaded from the Play Store get transferred? (If not then I'll have to rebuy every app and in-game purchases 😢)

  6. My yext messages did not tranfer properly. It only transferred messages starting from December and further back. What am I doing wrong?

  7. does this able to move my note from andriod to iPhone ? because their lot of my notes in there . so is this help to move it to my iPhone ?

  8. When all you data gets transfered do you stay logged into your accounts? Or do you have to log back into all of them?

  9. Resetting the iPhone is a freaking horrible solution! Why can there be a program that move data on an already setup iPhone!

  10. Can you help me pls my iPhone 11 keeps going on 4G when I'm going to transfer and not on my wifi

  11. Great video, but I need help on how to move over a game and I saw a comment that this will not do that. I tried to contact the support in the game but no one has gotten back to me in a while. Can I do it manually

  12. Thanks for the video, very helpful. However my phone didn't prompt me to transfer my android apps. How can I do this after the transfer is completed?

  13. Does this needs to be wifi? How bout hotspot?? Am I trading my phone now and I dont have any freaking wifi.

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